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धड़कने धड़कनो में खो जाये
दिल को दिल के करीब लाना है
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प्यार का सिलसिला पुराना है।।✨❤️


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On the next beautiful morning, everyone sat eagerly, looking outside the train window with excitement as they approached Udaipur. The anticipation of reaching their destination added a touch of enthusiasm to the atmosphere.

"Next station pe utarna hai sabko to sab apne apne bags rakh lo paas me." Tara said, coming towards the children.

[We have to get down at next stop. Keep your bags with you.]

"Wait, where is siya?" She asked, looking around for her daughter.

"There she is." Ritika said pointing towards the upper berth where she was sleeping.

"Hey bhagwan! Kya karun mai iss ladki ka? Yaha to time se uth jati." Tara said, slapping her forehead.

[Ohh God!! What should I do with this girl.]

"Mummy hamne uthaya tha usse ye keh kar ki berth vapas se neeche karna hai to wo upar vale pe jaa ke so gayi." Reyansh said.

[Mummy we tried to wake her up but she went on upper berth.]

"Siya , uthh jaa." Tara said, snatching her blanket, raising her toes a little.

"Hame sone do yaar mummy." She murmured in her sleep.

[Let me sleep .]

"Ruk tere papa ko bulati hun." She said and before she could move from her place Siya quickly jumped down holding her phone.

[Let me call your father.]

"Har baat pe papa kahan se aa jate hain beech me!!" She asked in a frustrated voice.

[Why do you keep involving him in between?]

"Chal ab baith jaa chup chap. Kuch der me pahoch jayenge." Tara said and went back to her place while Siya yawned rubbing her eyes .

[Now sit down . We will reach in some time.]


Arriving at the guest house palace, they entered inside, carrying their bags and stepping into the regal surroundings.

"Richu agat tumhe problem ho rahi hai to mai tumhare bags utha sakta hun." Akash said in a low voice while walking behind Richa with his friends.

[Richu if you have any problem than I will carry your bag.]

"Pehle apna dimag utha lo zameen pe pada hua hai." She replied and entered inside with Siya and Arushi while Shashwat with Reyansh, Darsh and Arav laughed loud.

[First carry your brain.]

"Baar baar ladki se zaleel hote huye sharam nahi aati tujhe?" Arav asked in between his laugh.

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