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महफ़िल में कैसे कह दें किसी से,
दिल बंध रहा है किस अजनबी से
हाय करे अब क्या जतन,
सुलग सुलग जाए मन
भीगे आज इस मौसम में,
लगी कैसी ये अगन❤️✨

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As Shashwat and Reyansh emerged from the school gates, Shashwat's brow furrowed in search of their friend.

"Where is Akash?" he inquired.

"I don't know. Class me dikha hi nahi." Reyansh replied, shrugging his shoulders.

[He wasn't in the class.]

Concern etched Shashwat's face as he dialled Akash's number. The ringtone broke the silence, and Akash, who was apparently napping, answered.

"What happened?" Akash questioned.

"Where are you, Akash? We're waiting for you," Shashwat urgently asked.

"Actually..Mujhe ghar aana pada... I was not feeling well," Akash explained, stirring from his slumber.

"Why? What happened? Why didn't you tell me before? Doctor ko dikhaya?" Shashwat bombarded him with queries, drawing the attention of the Reyansh.

"Arre bhai, don't worry. I had a headache, nothing serious," Akash reassured, rubbing his temples.

"Okay, rest kar. Medicine le lena," Shashwat instructed before ending the call. He turned to the waiting friend, explaining,

"He had a headache, so he left early."

"Is it getting worse?" Reyansh inquired, his concern palpable.

"Shayad," Shashwat replied, his thoughts lingering on Akash's well-being.


After some time, Akash wearily returned home, entering his room and collapsing onto the bed after a quick change of clothes. As he lay there, his phone buzzed, and he glanced at the caller ID- "Richu ❤️."

Choosing to disconnect the call, he closed his eyes, seeking a moment of solace. However, Richa's message popped up on his screen,

"Tum aaye kyun nahi?? Sab thik hai na?"

[Why didn't you came? Is everything alright?]

A heavy sigh escaped him as he placed the phone beside him.


In the quiet of the night, Shashwat found himself immersed in solving chemistry numericals, following his online NDA coaching. However, his thoughts veered towards Siya, prompting him to rest his head on the table.

"Kal to Sunday hai... I won't be able to meet her," he muttered, tapping his pen on the table in frustration. His desire to see her every day lingered in his mind, creating a sense of longing. Suddenly, a bright idea illuminated his thoughts, prompting him to grab his phone and initiate a conference call with Reyansh and Akash.

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