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हैं जो इरादें बता दूँ तुमको शर्मा ही जाओगी तुम,
धड़कनें जो सुना दूँ तुमको घबरा ही जाओगी तुम
हमको आता नहीं है छुपाना ,
होना है तुझमें फ़ना
चाँद सिफ़ारिश जो करता हमारी देता वो तुमको बता
शर्म-ओ-हया के परदे गिरा के करनी है हमको ख़ता✨❤️

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In the quietude of the night, Shashwat immersed himself in solving maths problems, fueled by the lingering taste of kheer. His focus wavered when his gaze landed on the tiffin box, prompting a dilemma.

"How could I return an empty lunch box after she made kheer for me?" he pondered, hand on chin.

"Mai bhi kuch banaun kya!"

[Should I also prepare something for her?]

Within moments, a decision crystallised, and he stealthily carried the tiffin box to the kitchen.

"Sab gehri neend me so rahe honge na? Check karta hun." He mused, sneaking through the silent house.

[I'll check if they're sleeping deeply]

He grabbed a glass and let it shatter on the floor, covering his ear from the resounding noise. As moments passed, he sighed in relief, declaring,

"Everyone is sleeping," and flashed a grin as he moved towards the kitchen slab.

"What should I prepare? Kisse puchun?" He muttered and a mischievous grin adorned his face as he decided to seek advice from Akash.

Dialling Akash's number, Shashwat was met with a frustrated voice on the other end,

"KYA HAIII??" Akash's irritation evident in his tone.


"Akash, so raha hai kya?" Unfazed, Shashwat inquired.

"Nahi to! Kisne kaha? Mai to chatt par baith ke dhoop sek raha hun. Iss time koi sota hai kya?" Akash retorted, adding a touch of sarcasm.

["Oh, not at all! Who said that? I'm just sitting on the terrace, soaking up some sun. Does anyone sleep at this time?"]

Undeterred, Shashwat continued,

"Accha sun na. I wanted to ask if you know what Siya likes to eat? I want to prepare something for her."

"SALE KUTTE KAMINE!! TUNE ISLIYE MERI NEEND DISTURB KI ITNI RAAT KO??? KAL SUBAH PUCH NAHI SAKTA THA?" Akash's frustration reached its peak, and Shashwat had to move the phone away from his ear.

["Hey, you rascal! Did you disturb my sleep for this reason so late at night? Couldn't you have asked in the morning?"]

"Haan thik hai thik hai! Curse me how much you want. But answer me after that. You spend so much time with her during the wedding functions to tujhe pata hai kya?" Shashwat calmly pressed on, seeking valuable information.

"She likes sooji ka halwa. Ab rakh phone mujhe sona hai, you disturbed my beauty sleep," Akash reluctantly shared before abruptly ending the call.

"Hey bhagwan! Ye pyar ne mere padhaku dost ko kya bana diya hai!" Akash muttered and sighed returning to his slumber.

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