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मिले होंगे राधा-कृष्ण, यहीं किसी वन में
प्रेम माधुरी उनकी बसी है पवन में
और भी पास आ गए हम, इस दिव्य वातावरण में
एक मन दिया है कितनी, सौगातें अभी हैं बाकी
बौछार इक पड़ी है, बरसातें अभी हैं बाकी
हमें मिलाने में सबका सहयोग पूरा है
मिलन अभी आधा अधूरा है
मिलन अभी आधा अधूरा है।।✨


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As the students arrived at the hotel they were assigned to, a sense of excitement lingered in the air. The grandeur of the hotel's architecture and the bustling energy of the surrounding area added to their anticipation.

It was decided that the students would be split between two hotels, with half of them staying in one and the other half in the adjacent one. Siya, Arushi, and Richa grabbed their room key and made their way to their room.

Upon reaching their room, exhaustion hit them, and they flopped onto the bed, tossing their luggage aside.

"Let's change into something more comfortable first. We have to go out in the evening," Aarushi suggested.

"Haan to jaa na," Siya replied, her voice tired.

[So go and change.]

"Pehle tu jaa na" Aarushi insisted.

[You first.]

"Mai kyun jaun?? Tu hi chali jaa na..I will change at last.," Richa countered.

[Why should I? You should go first.]

"Hadd hai bhai!! Mar jao dono bed pe pade pade..I am going to change," Siya declared, getting up and heading towards her suitcase. As she glanced out the window of the neighbouring hotel, she spotted Shashwat. He opened the window, his sullen expression instantly transforming into a bright smile as he waved at her. She ignored him and continued to get her clothes, causing his smile to falter.

Meanwhile, Akash and Reyansh entered the room. Reyansh went straight to change while Akash noticed his friend peering from the window. Frowning, he slapped the back of Shashwat's head.

"Sharam to nahi aati hogi? Aise kisi ke room me dekh raha hai! Vaise to bada sata savitra bana firta hai!! Siya ko bataunga." Akash scolded, and Shashwat retaliated by stomping on his foot, causing him to hiss in pain.

["Are you not ashamed? Peeping into someone's room like this! You always act so sanctimonious!! I'll tell Siya."]

"khud dekh le room me," Shashwat retorted.

[Check the room yourself.]

"Nahi..mai teri tarah aisi behudi harkat nhi karta..," Akash shot back, and Shashwat rolled his eyes before heading to the bed.

["No, I don't engage in such senseless behavior like you do."]

Akash glanced at the window and spotted Richa talking on the phone. His heart skipped a beat with happiness as she noticed him, looking surprised, and waved, which he eagerly reciprocated. As she moved out of sight, Akash continued peeking, searching for her.

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