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पहले मैं समझा, कुछ और वजह इन बातों की
लेकिन अब जाना, कहाँ नींद गई मेरी रातों की
जागता रहता हूँ मैं भी, चाँद निकलता नहीं
दिल तेरे बिन कहीं लगता नहीं,
वक्त गुज़रता नहीं।।
क्या यही प्यार है?

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As night fell, the Rajvansh family returned home, settling onto the sofa as they entered, the air thick with a sense of shared experiences and the comfort of familiar surroundings.

"Shashwat beta, chai bana doge kya?" Kirti asked, and he nodded.

[Shashwat beta, will you prepare tea for us?]

While he prepared tea, the elders delved into wedding discussions.

"Aur hamare bacchon ne bhi to kitni help ki hai," Ishika interjected.

[Our children also helped a lot.]

"Kanak ne bhi bahut help ki, sach me bahot acchi bacchi hai," Kriti added.

[Kanak also helped a lot, she is really a good girl.]

"Han mummy, bahot acchi bacchi hai. Aapko pata hai usne kya kiya?" Arushi asked, causing concern.

[Yes, Mom, she is a very good girl. Do you know what she did?]

"What are you saying?" Kirti questioned.

"Ma'am, she locked Ritika Didi in a room with her cousins on the wedding day, knowing she's claustrophobic," Darsh disclosed, leaving everyone in disbelief.

"What?" Piyush exclaimed.

"He's right, chote papa! Ritika didi was in a terrible state. Thankfully, Arav bhaiya arrived in time; otherwise, who knows what could have happened," Arushi revealed.

"I can't believe this! She's not so young that she wouldn't understand how serious it could be," Kirti expressed her disbelief.

"Exactly, bhabhi! I never thought she could do something like this. If something had happened to that girl!" Ishika exclaimed.

"I will talk to her parents about this," Naman decided.

After some time, they dispersed to their respective rooms, contemplating the unexpected turn of events.


Shashwat lay on his bed, exhaustion from the day weighing on him. Closing his eyes, the vivid memories of Siya flooded his mind, playing like a reel of cherished moments. Her face, radiant and etched with laughter, captivated him. A strange yet pleasant sensation stirred in his stomach, a mysterious warmth that made a smile dance on his lips.

Opening his eyes, he found himself lost in recollections of every nuance of Siya's presence. Blushing, he buried his face in the pillow, grappling with the unfamiliar surge of emotions.

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