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एक डोर खींचे
दूजा दौड़ा चला आये
कच्चे धागे में, बंधा चला आये,
ऐसे जैसे कोई दीवाना।।
मैंने नहीं जाना, तूने नहीं जाना
तेरे मेरे बीच में
कैसा है ये बंधन अनजाना।।❤️✨


"Siya jab tak baki sab nhi aa jate let's go to my room ." Arushi said to Siya after they ate the samosas.

[until everyone else arrives let's go to my room.]

"Why ? Let's sit togather. I also want to talk to Siya Didi. " Darsh said and Siya smiled.

They all sat on sofa .

"So Siya Didi tell something about you." Darsh asked .

"My name is Siya Malhotra. My father's name is Harsh Malhotra and my mother's name is Tara Malhotra. My father is a....." She was cutted by Darsh.

"Arre Didi autobiography sunane ko nahi kaha tha." He said and Siya smiled sheepishly.

[Hold on!! I didn't asked your about your autobiography.]

"Chotu don't trouble her." Arav said to Darsh and then looked at Siya "Siya just ignore her. So tell me further me kya karne ka socha hai tumne?" He asked .

[What are you planning to do in the future?]

"Aapke bhai se shadi." She murmured to herself.

[Marry your brother.]

"What?" Arav asked and she cleared her throat.

"I mean..I haven't decided anything yet. Future ka future me sochenge." She said shrugging her shoulders while Arushi mentally slapped her forehead and Arav looked at her with blank face.

[I will think about future in future.]

"Ohh okk. So in which college you are going to take admission after 12th." He again asked.

"In which your brother will go I will also go behind him." She again murmured to herself. She looked at Arav who was looking at her kneely.

"I haven't decided that too..Will see after 12th." She said .

"But this is not the way. We should have an aim in our life. How could anyone live without any aim! Atleast now you should decide about your future." He said and Siya cursed herself for saying those things infront of her.

"I am sorry if you felt bad.. I was just giving advice." He said and I shook my head.

"No there was nothing to feel bad about." She said with a small smile.

"Yaar chhoro ye padhai likhai ki baatein. School me 6 ghante padh ke aaye hain phir bhi yahi baat karni hai sabko." Darsh said whining.

[Guys don't talk about studies. We have studied for 6 hours in school anyway.]

"Ohh that's a new thing we got to know ki tu school padhne ke liye jata hai." Shashwat said in surprised tone.

"I thought you go to school for flirting with every girls." Arav said with same surprised tone and both girls chuckled.

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