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मुस्किलों में ये डाले जो भी चाहे करा ले
बदले ये दिलों के फैसले
मन का मौजी इस्क तो जी
अलबेली सी राहों पे ले चले
कोई पीछे ना आगे है, फिर भी जाने क्यों भागे है
मारा इस्क का, इस्क का दिल मेरा, दिल मेरा
इसके-उसके ये हिस्से में, तेरे-मेरे ये किस्से में
मौला सीखे बिन, सीखे बिन दे सिखा
कैसा ये इस्क है
अजब सा रिस्क है।।✨❤️


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The night was filled with laughter and excitement as Siya and her siblings returned home to Mumbai after their trip. They entered the house, greeted by the familiar warmth of their surroundings. Ritika, along with Tara, eagerly awaited their return, eager to hear all about the trip.

After a few minutes of conversation, they dispersed to their respective rooms to unwind and change out of their travel clothes.

As Siya collapsed onto her bed, exhaustion washing over her, she declared, "Bhai ham thak gaye. Aaj raat tak soyenge ham ab. Don't even think about waking me up."

With a contented sigh, she closed her eyes, relishing the comfort of her own bed after a day filled with excitement.

In the tranquil hours of the night, Siya stirred from her slumber, her eyes adjusting to the dim glow of the room. Across the room, she spotted Divya, engrossed in her studies, a determined look etched on her face.

"Kitna padhna hai re tujhe? Aaj hi to wapas aaye hain," Siya remarked, her voice laced with drowsiness as she stretched and yawned.

["How much studying do you have to do, you just returned today?"]

"I can't waste my time," Divya replied, her focus unwavering as she continued to pore over her books.

"You will fall sick, thoda to rest kar le," Ritika chimed in from her spot, where she was watching a movie on her laptop.

Suddenly, a realisation dawned on Siya, prompting her to share her news with her sisters. "Didi... I have to tell you something," she announced, drawing the attention of both Divya and Ritika.

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