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ऐसे भोले बनकर है बैठे
जैसे कोई बात नहीं
सब कुछ नज़र आ रहा है
दिन है यह रात नहीं
क्या है कुछ भी नहीं है अगर,
होंठों पे है ख़ामोशी मगर।
बातें कर रही है,
नज़र चुपके चुपके
दो दिल मिल रहे है
मगर चुपके चुपके।।❤️✨

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The next morning echoed with the familiar chaos of a typical Indian wedding. Everywhere people bustling about, each engrossed in various tasks that contributed to the overall preparations.

Shashwat was sitting alone with a little child in his lap. A random lady had handed him the baby, seeking comfort, and being the good-hearted person he was, he accepted the responsibility with a warm smile.

Ritika was chopping onions with Darsh and Reyansh while Arav , Richa and Arushi were shelling peas.

Meanwhile, Siya and Akash occupied a corner, with Siya's mobile enjoying watching reels.

Siya couldn't help but gaze at Shashwat, who was gently pampering the baby.  His gentle gestures and warm smile melted her heart.

At that moment, a thought crossed her mind—a vision of Shashwat tenderly handling their own baby in the future.

“Chiiiii!!” Realising , She almost shouted, gaining everyone's attention.

Shashwat raised his eyebrows asking her what happened and she nodded her head looking at her mobile.

“What happened? Why did you shout?” Akash asked with blank expressions.

“Nothing bhaiya..See this reel.” She quickly changed the topic and they again looked at her mobile.

“Hahahaah!! That was too funny. Ayein??” Akash said, mimicking the reels.

“Baigan.” Siya replied and they both burst out laughing!

“Scroll down.” Akash said as they watched the next reel.

‘Bathroom me jaa ke nimbu kat dene se ek tarfa pyar bhi ya 100 percent chhor kar chale jane wale ko bhi jabardasti kheench kar lane ki Shakti pradan karta hai.’

As they saw the reels both looked at each other and then at the phone.

“So what do you think?” Akash asked, raising his eyebrows.

“A.. about what?” She asked.

“Arrr totka karne ke liye ye vala. Dekh tujhe bhi Shashwat ko patana hai aur mujhe Richa ko. So let's try it. ” Akash said with a grin, making her eyes widen.

[See you also have to impress Shashwat and I want to impress Richa.]

“Wh..what? K..kya kisko patana? Hame samajh nahi aaya.” She gulped.

[What? Impress who?? I didn't understood.]

“Don't lie in front of me. We know everything.” He said and she looked at him in shock.

“We?? Who are we??” She asked .

“I..i mean I and Darsh.” He covered up.

“ How do you know?” She asked nervously.

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