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साँची-साँची तेरी नज़रें एक दर्पण
दे दे मन की ये ख़बरें एक पल छिन
अधरों ने कुछकहा रे, नैनों ने कह दिया
तूने तो पल भर में चोरी किया रे जिया मोरा पिया,
तूने भी पल भर में चोरी किया रे जिया मोरा पिया ।✨💗

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In the tranquil evening at the Rajvansh residence, the entire family gathered on the comfortable sofas,with Akash, a cherished member of the family creating an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness.

"Bhai sahab ka call aaya tha. Kal hi reception rakh rahe hain Prashant aur ashi ki." Naman shared.

[ Bhai called me yesterday . They are planning to hold Prashant and Ashi's reception tomorrow.]

"Itni der kyun?"Arav inquired.

"They had to clear some amounts at Udaipur. So they returned back yesterday only," Piyush explained and the family nodded in understanding.

After some discussion, a contemplative silence fell over them as they quietly scrolled through their phones.

"Mummy mujhe na aaj SOOJI KA HALWA khane ka man kar raha hai," Arushi interjected suddenly ,catching Shashwat's attention.

[Mom, I feel like eating SOOJI KA HALWA today.]

"Sach me..kash koi hamare liye bhi sooji ka halwa banata." Akash said dramatically.

[Really... I wish someone would make halwa for us too.]

"To mai banati hun na if you all want to eat that." Ishika said,smiling.

[Sure, I'll make it if you all want to eat that.]

"No choti maa, not you." Arushi said.

"Then?" Ishika asked with a frown.

"Bhaiya won't you make sooji ka halwa for us? Darsh chimed in.

"Why would he? I will prepare." Kirti said.

"Nahi mummy, Aisi udti udti khabar aayi hai ki bhaiya sooji ka halwa bahot tasty banate hain," Arushi said giving a teasing glance to Shashwat, eliciting disapproving glares from him.

[No, Mom, there's a flying rumor that brother makes very tasty sooji ka halwa.]

"Really, Shashwat?"Naman inquired curiously.

"I don't know ye kya keh rahi hai. Papa, I should leave for the library." Shashwat retorted, making a swift exit to his room, leaving his amused siblings and friend stifling laughter.

"Ok aunty uncle I should also leave now." Akash said and walked away.


As Akash parked his bike near the restaurant the next morning, he spotted Richa sitting there, prompting a perplexed frown. He approached her, questioning, "Richa, what are you doing here?"

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