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जब वो मिले मुझे पहली बार, उनसे हो गई आँखें चार
पास ना बैठे पलभर वो, फिर भी हो गया उनसे प्यार
इतनी थी बस ख़बर के मेरे होश उड़ गये
उनसे मिली नज़र


*Siya's POV*

"Have you completed the homework?" Arushi asked to me as I entered in class.

"Hamari shakal dekh ke lagta hai?" I asked keeping my bag on the seat.

[Do you think by looking at my face?]

"Nahi." Arushi said as I sat beside her.


"Siya" Kanak said coming towards us.

"Why didn't you came yesterday? You know how much we waited?." She scolded me and I just looked down because it was my fault so I have to listen.

"Sorry kalan...kanak ." I apologized.

"This is not done yaar!! Shashwat never missed his coaching and because of you he missed his coaching yesterday. I know him he was so much sad because first time he missed his studies. You know how much angry he was?" She said and I fisted my hand. What is she trying to show!!

"Arre sorry kaha na hamne . Ab kya chatt se kood jayen? And I apologized to him but he wasn't angry at me. " I said.

[I said sorry.. Now should I jump off the roof?]

"Because you are no one to him so he controlled his anger. I know him very well he never vents his anger on whome he doesn't know well. If I would be at your place to phir mujhe bahot sunata wo." She said and I stoped my urge to roll my eyes. Why this girl is trying to show that she is too much close to Shashwat.

"Can you tell me kanak when did Bhaiya talked to you angrily or vented his anger on you? I haven't saw anything like this." Arushi asked standing from her seat.

"You.. you don't know.. This is our personal matter. I have to go for prayers don't have enough time to explain" She said and left from there.

"Liar!! She is just showing off because Bhaiya consider her as his friend ." Richa said keeping her hand on my shoulder.

"Ignore her!! Let's go to washroom..Hamare baal sahi se bane nhi hain to chal ke sahi kar do." I said and we went towards washroom.

"What are you doing Richa!! Tie it properly..Ye dekh yahan se baal kharab hai." I said to Richa who was making my ponies and we both were standing infront of washroom mirror.

[See my hairs are not tied properly from this side.]

"Siya that hatya ma'am said that she will take our test today. Have you prepared anything?" Arushi asked biting her nails nervously.

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