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That I can expect as I wrote 7k + words for you all😭😭.


In the tranquil night of Udaipur, anticipation filled the air as the impending wedding day approached. Shashwat found himself being dragged by his friends Akash and Reyansh to a garden, where his brothers Arav, Ritika, and Arushi were already present.

"We're planning to explore the night market, last day of sightseeing here. We'll be heading back to Mumbai the day after tomorrow," Arav explained. Shashwat, contemplating a refusal, noticed Ritika and Arushi approaching, secretly hoping Siya would join them.

"Let's go," Shashwat agreed, mentally grinning at the prospect of Siya's presence. Richa and Divya joined, meanwhile him, searching for Siya, discovered her absence.

"Bas itne hi log? I mean koi aur nahi aa raha?" He hesitated, glancing around.

"Why? Were you expecting someone else?" Akash teased with a smirk.

"No, just thought maybe someone else would join. Anyway, I'm feeling a bit tired; you guys go ahead and enjoy," Shashwat said, masking his disappointment.

"Ban gaya na Dada ji!" Akash said. Shashwat, shaking his head, retreated inside.

[Become grandpa again?]

Just then, Siya appeared before him, and he stepped back trying not to collide with her.

"Kahan jaa rahi ho iss time?" Shashwat inquired.

[Where are you going at this time?]

"The night market. Aap nahi chal rahe?" Siya asked, and Shashwat mentally scolded himself.

"Siyaa, come fast!" Ritika's voice called out, and Siya smiled at Shashwat before leaving.

"Ye to jaa rahi hai! Shashwat tu kitna bada idiot hai! Thodi der ruk nahi sakta tha! Ab kya karun ?" He muttered, biting his nails.

[Shashwat you are such a idiot. I should have waited for some time.]

Hastily deciding, he followed Siya and waved at everyone leaving them puzzled.

"Kya hai ab?" Reyansh questioned.

"I... I thought I should join you all. Phir pata nahi kab aisa mauka mile." Shashwat said, smiling nervously, exchanging glances with everyone except Reyansh and Siya.

Suddenly, Vihan Kanak and other cousins joined the group.

"We are also coming," Vihan announced.

"Isko kisne bulaya!" Shashwat and Siya muttered simultaneously, exchanging surprised glances.

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