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कोई हसीना कदम पहले बढ़ाती नही ,
मजबूरी दिल से ना हो तो पास आती नही
ख़ुशी मेरे दिल को हद से ज्यादा है
तेरे संग ज़िन्दगी बिताने का इरादा है ,
प्रीत के यह धागे तू भी संग मेरे गुन।।
सुन साहिबा सुन प्यार की धुन
मैने तुझे चुन लिया, तू भी मुझे चुन।।❤️✨🌸



Later that Day.

Siya and Richa entered inside Rajvansh residence as Darsh opened the door.

"Come and sit." Arav said with a smile as they reached at living room and they sat on sofa.

"Hello Everyone!!" They heard a voice and turned towards the entrance and found Akash standing there with a big grin.

"Richu is also here." He said looking at Richa.

"Nahi mera bhut hai." Richa said with a fake smile.

[No my ghost is here.]

"Hayyee aapka to bhut bhi itna pyara hai." He said with a wink and she just glared at him.

[Your ghost is also so pretty.]

Siya quickly stands from her place as she saw Shashwat who just entered inside the living room. He looked at her with a frown.

"Tumko kyu jhatka laga?" Arushi said and she nodded her head in negative and took her place.

[Why are you shocked?]

"Did you noticed?" Akash whispered in Shashwat's ear as he sat beside him.

"What?" He asked.

"That she got nervous as soon as she saw you.." Akash said and Shashwat hits his forehead.

"Will you shut up?" He said.

"But..." He said but stopped by his friend's glare.

"Siya Richa let's go to my room." Arushi said and they nodded.

"See she was nervous around you. Girls are nervous in front of the one they love ." Akash said and earned a smack on his head from Shashwat.

"You also think so?" Darsh asked to Akash and he nodded.

"See.. I told you. We were explaining him yesterday but he wasn't ready to believe. He was just ranting one thing that she is Arushi's best friend and Reyansh's sister.

"Exactly!! As if it is written somewhere that the girl who is your sister's best friend or your best friend's sister cannot love you. " Akash said .

"Will you guys shut up?? And Akash everytime you take advantage of Reyansh's absence. Do you have the courage to tell all this in front of him? And there is nothing like that...don't think too much." He said in irritated voice.

"Ok then. We will ask to Siya only." Akash said.

"What?? Are you mad? How could you ask things like this to her??" Shashwat said.

"Ok ok we are not going to ask her directly. We will prove this to you. See what we have to do is..We will ask Siya to teach Kanak the dialogue delivery with Shashwat . And then you have to notice her carefully..she will get nervous and then she will say 'No no how can i? ' . Then she will look at her friends and they will action her something and then she will just look down with nervous face playing with her fingers and say 'Ok I will' . But she won't come near you she will say 'I will teach from here only'." Akash explained him .

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