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सोई-सोई पलकों पे चल के
मेरे सपनों की खिड़की पेगया
आते-जाते फिर मेरे दिल के,
इन हाथों में वो ख़त पकड़ा गया
प्यार का, लफ़्ज़ों में रंग है प्यार का।।✨🌸


"Mai to lut gayi, Barbad ho gayi!! Hey kanha why this is happening with me" Siya said sitting on chair .

[My life has been ruined.]

"Bhai take your name back from the play otherwise Saiyan ki jagah bhaiya bolna hoga" Arushi said controlling her laugh while Richa chuckled.

[Take your name back from the play otherwise you instead of boyfriend you have to call him brother.]

"Here my love story is at stake and you both are laughing? " Siya said glaring at them and they both apologized but started laughing again.

"Siya go fast and talk to ma'am." Richa said and she went to Monica.

"Ma'am I can't do this role." Siya said.

"But why beta? " She asked confused.

"Ma'am actually I just remembered that I am going at my family function.. that's why. Sorry ma'am." She said and Monica nodded.

"It's ok beta. " She replied and Siya sighed in relief.

"I told you she has feelings for you..See how she made an excuse so that she wouldn't have to play the role of your sister." Akash said and Shashwat rolled his eyes.

"Will you shut up? I told you not to talk nonsense. Otherwise I will tell Reyansh what you are talking about his sister and than he will deal with you." Shashwat said and he gulped.

"Kanak when will you give the dialogues of leads?" Sharad asked.

"Sir i have written almost everything..I will give it tomorrow after discussing it with Shashwat and giving it a final touch up." She said .

"This girl only need an excuse to be with your bhaiya." Siya said glaring at Kanak.

"Iska to game bajana padega" Arushi said and other two looked at her confused.

[I have to do something with her.]

"What are you planning to do?" Siya asked .

"Let her come to my house with script" She said with an evil smrink.

"I am warning you not to do such things" Siya said.

"Why? Don't you want her insult?" Richa asked.

"Ham kyun kisi ki insult chahenge..Yes i don't like that kalank but i can't do anything that insults her when she has done nothing wrong to me. My krishna will never forgive me if i did something like this. That's why don't even think to anything" She said and she nodded with innocent pout.

"Let's go to class now" Richa said and they nodded


Arushi and Darsh were laying on sofa in living room munching chips and watching TV . While Kriti and Ishika were busy in their gossips.

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