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आते जाते, हँसते गाते
सोचा था मैं ने मन में कई बार
वो पहली नज़र, हलका सा असर
करता है क्यों दिल को बेक़रार
रुक के चलना, चल के रुकना
ना जाने तुम्हें है किस का इंतज़ार?
तेरा वो यकीं, कहीं मैं तो नहीं
लगता है यही क्यों मुझको बार बार
यही सच है, शायद मैं ने प्यार किया।
हां हां तुमसे मैंने प्यार किया।।❤️🤌


After more than a week had passed, on a serene Sunday, Shashwat, Akash and Reyansh were engaged in a conversation over the phone.

"Bhai aaj Sunday hai. Let's go somewhere." Akash said.

"Yes you are right." Reyansh also agreed with him.

"Mujhe padhai karni hai time waste hoga poora . Already ye function aur independence day ki wajah se thoda disturb hua phir November me bhaiya ki shadi bhi pad jayegi to aur disturb hoga isliye sab jldi jldi cover kar lunga." Shashwat said pouring a bucket of water on their plan.

[I have to study. I don't want to waste my time. Because of the function and independence day I have wasted too much time. And after sometime we have to go for bhaiya's wedding also so their will be more disturbance.]

"Yes I know you are right, par ek din me tu konsa top kar jayega?" Reyansh said.

[You will not top the class in one day.]

"Jisko time ki value hoti hai uske liye ek minute bhi keemti hai." Shashwat said while his friends rolled their eyes.

[ Each minute are prescious for the one who values time .]

"Tu na jada gyani baba ban ke pravachan mat suna." Akash said and Shashwat pouted.

[Stop your preachings now.]

"Come to my house..Papa mumma is going to a function." Reyansh said.

"Great!! I will come then. What about you Shash?" Akash asked Shashwat.

"What is this 'Shash'? My name is Shashwat to aise ulte seedhe naam se mat bula mujhe." He said making faces.

[Don't call me by these wierd names.]

"Tum dono ka naam hi itna lamba hai. Itna jada bolne me alas aati hai. So I will call you both Rey and Shash." He told me, grinning.

[Your names are too long. ]

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