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The next morning, Shashwat went to the NCSE for his project. After a few periods, Siya was sitting in the classroom with a poker face, her head resting wearily on the table. Arushi, who had been busy practising for her performance, came back to grab her water bottle.

"Tujhe kya hua?" Richa asked, noticing Siya's sullen expression.

[What happened?]

"Yaar, I am getting bored... Shashwat to kuch din aayenge nahi," Siya replied, keeping her head on the table, her voice tinged with frustration and longing.

"Haan, ham dono yo bewakoof hain na!" Arushi chimed in, trying to lighten the mood.

[We both are stupid right?]

"Aisa nahi hai... bas... I am missing him," Siya said, her tone softening with a hint of sadness.

"Bhai, Kalank also went with him... Siya, she will definitely try to get close to him," Richa said, a slight edge to her voice, clearly not fond of Kalank.

"Karne de I don't care, because I trust him," Siya replied, shrugging her shoulders, her confidence in Shashwat evident.

"Accha, I am going for practice... bottle lene aayi thi mai bas," Arushi said, picking up her water bottle. She gave a small reassuring smile to Siya before leaving the room.


Reyansh stood near the edge of the stage, his eyes following Arushi's every move as she danced with Manav. His jaw tightened with each spin and twirl. He couldn't let this continue.

"Ma'am," Reyansh called out, striding purposefully towards the stage where Monica ma'am, the dance coordinator, was watching the rehearsal. "I don't think we can manage this dance performance in our function."

Monica ma'am looked up, her eyebrows knitting together in confusion. "Why do you say that, Reyansh? The performance looks good to me."

Arushi, overhearing the conversation, stopped mid-step and turned towards Reyansh, frustration evident in her eyes. "Reyansh, what is your problem? We've been practicing hard for this performance!"

Ignoring Arushi's outburst, Reyansh focused on Monica ma'am. "Ma'am, there are several issues with this dance. First, the choreography is too complex for our current skill level. We don't have enough time to perfect it, and it could end up being a mess on stage."

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