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साथिया - साथिया,
पगले से दिल ने ये क्या किया
चुन लिया - चुन लिया
तुझको दीवाने ने चुन लिया
दिल तो उड़ा-उड़ा रे
आसमान में बादलों के संग
ये तो मचल-मचल के
गा रहा है सुन नयी सी धुन।।🤌✨


"Lunch me kya laayi hai??" Siya whispered to Arushi and Richa who were looking bored keeping their hand on chin.

[What have you brought in lunch?]

"Sandwich" "Sabji paratha" Arushi and Richa replied.

"What have you brought?" Arushi asked and she replied "Aloo paratha and achar " to which Arushi grinned.

"Let's eat sandwich. Arushi take out your lunch box" Siya said and Arushi take out her lunch box secretly.

"Kya kar rahi hai? Neeche rakh..marvayegi kya!!" Richa said keeping the lunch box on Siya's lap who was sitting in middle while they were still looking at teacher nodding their head acting like they are understanding every topic .

[What are you doing!! Keep it down]

"Seat ke neeche baith ke khao.. pehle ham khayenge" Siya said and stuffed half sandwich in her mouth sitting on floor. After her they both also did the same. And than one last piece of sandwich was left . They looked at each other and than at sandwich and attacked at that piece togather.

[Sit down and than eat.]

"Chhorr isko..this is mine..i have brought it" Arushi said trying to snatch it from them.

"Hawww!! Aise kaise baat karti hai?" Siya said getting offended.

[Haww!! How could you say this??]

"WHAT IS HAPPENING THERE???" They all looked startled hearing teacher's voice. Richa and Arushi left the sandwich gulping while Siya quickly stuffed that piece in her mouth.

"Nothing sir" Arushi said hiding the lunch box .

"Siya remove your hand from your mouth" Teacher said and Siya removed her hand.

Soon they were thrown out from class.

"Aur kha lo..hapsi kahin ki!! Hamne mana kiya tha" Siya said and they both glared at her.

"Accha? Ulta chor kotwal ko dante! It was all your fault!! Sir ko pata na chalta agar tum thoda control rakhti apni lalchi zuban pe" Arushi said.

[It's all your fault. Sir would not have known if you had controlled your greedy tongue.]

"See..." Siya was about to say something but Richa stopped her.

"Shut up you both!! Abhi kam bejati huyi hai jo aur karvani hai? See your brothers are watching you from class" She said and they looked at the class infront of them where Shashwat and Reyansh were glaring at their respective sisters.

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