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शमा कहे परवाने से परे चला जा
मेरी तरह जल जायेगा यहाँ नहीं
वो नहीं सुनता उसको जल जाना होता है
हर खुशी से हर ग़म से बेगाना होता है
प्यार दीवाना होता है
मस्ताना होता है
हर खुशी से हर ग़म से
बेगाना होता है✨💗




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Siya's grin lingered on her lips as she thanked Arushi silently in her mind for unexpectedly leaving, granting her this golden opportunity for the first time. But her moment of gratitude was interrupted as Shashwat entered the room with a tray of pakoras and tea. His raised eyebrows indicated his curiosity at seeing Siya grinning to herself.

"Itni khushi kis baat ki hai?" he inquired, settling beside her and placing the tray on the table.Siya's grin faded as she caught his gaze, a hint of nervousness creeping into her expression.

[Why is this happiness?]

"Kuch nahi... wo bas ek joke yaad aa gaya tha hehehe," she replied with a forced nervous smile, hoping to divert his attention.

[I remembered a joke.]

Shashwat chuckled at her response, his eyes sparkling with amusement. He gestured for her to help herself to the pakoras, and Siya's smile returned as she picked up one of the crispy snacks and dipped it into the chai.

As she took a bite, the warm, comforting flavours filled her senses, and she couldn't help but relax in Shashwat's presence.

"Shall I turn on the TV??" Shashwat asked, breaking the comfortable silence that had settled between them, and Siya nodded in agreement. With a flick of the remote, the television screen flickered to life, casting a soft glow across the room. Shashwat navigated to YouTube and queued up a song, filling the room with its melodious strains.

Siya turned her attention to the TV screen, her focus on the music as she absentmindedly reached for another pakora. However, her enjoyment was short-lived as she bit into a particularly spicy chilli, causing her to hiss in discomfort. Shashwat's gaze snapped to her, a look of concern crossing his features.

"Pani pani pani !!!" Siya exclaimed urgently, fanning near her mouth in an attempt to alleviate the fiery sensation.

[I need water.]

Shashwat sprang into action, grabbing a glass of water and offering it to her. Siya eagerly accepted, gulping down the water with relief.

"Dekh ke khana chahiye tha na," Shashwat scolded gently, his tone laced with concern as he watched her discomfort. He reached for her plate, intending to remove the chilli-laden portions.

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