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दिल दीवाना बिन सजना के माने ना
ये पगला है, समझाने से समझे ना
धक-धक बोले,
इत-उत डोले दिन रैना
ये पगला है, समझाने से समझे ना ।।✨🌸


*Siya's Pov*

Being a new student is also a tough task!! Huh!! Just keep giving introduction to every teacher. I don't understand why are they so much interested in new students . Last period is going on now and every students in class is looking tired and sleepy. I yawned but it was too loud I guess. Everyone were looking at me as if i have two horns on my head.

"Siya Bahot neend aa rahi hai? Itni neend aa rahi hai to ghar chali jaiye" Teacher asked and everyone laughed except my two friends.

[Siya are you feeling sleepy? If it is true than you can go back home]

"Yes ma'am.. I mean no ma'am" I corrected myself as she glared at me. Urghh!! It's only my first day here and this teacher "Mis satya Singh" is getting on my nerves. It was 5th time she is scolding me. She is behind me Arushi and Richa since morning and our bad luck that she is our class teacher. At lunch time we were eating our lunch and she came there out of nowhere and started lecturing us that we shouldn't eat oily food whereas i myself saw her eating four samosas at canteen.It is my first day that's why i am not answering her back otherwise she doesn't know me .

*Bell rings*

All students packed their bag as soon as they heard the bell like they were just waiting for that. Well I was excited because first of all this teacher was getting on my nerves and other reason is i will see him. At lunch i went to canteen and ground in hope of getting his glimpse but he was nowhere seen.

Everyone stands from their seats but this lady Hitler glared at us who was still teaching "Class can't you all wait for few more minutes? Don't you have any manners?"

"Ma'am actually i need to go early because i have to manage the line of students" Kanak said with her extra sweet voice and she nodded.

After torturing us few more minutes she asked us to make a line and walk outside.

"Arushi you wanted to meet my parents..So come to home with me. Richa you also." I said to them.

"Okay but i have to inform my mother " Said Richa.

"Arre you can call her from my home" I said and she nodded.

"Wait i will inform bhaiya first.. Let's go to him he must be at ground" Arushi said and i felt something weird in my stomach by the mere thought of going infront of him. We reached at the ground and i saw Reyansh bhaiya was talking him. What is he doing with him!! I started walking near him with Arushi and Richa. My heart was beating at full speed and my eyes were on the ground.

"Bhaiya" Arushi called him and he looked at her with questioning look. Before Arushi could say something Kanak came there shouting Shashwat's name "Shashwat". He looked at her direction and she came infront of him.

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