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तेरे नैना मेरे नैनों से
मीठी मीठी बाते करते है,
जब नैना बाते करते है
दिल मुलाकातें करते हैं।। ❤️✨


"Fabulous beta!! You both did outstanding performance. And the intensity in the dialogues was something else." Monica said, hugging Siya tightly.

"Thank you ma'am" They both said.

"Shashwat you always act so well but today your acting was looking natural. Matlab itni intensity ke sath tumne pehle kabhi act nahi kiya." She said looking at Shashwat.

[You acted with too much intensity.]

Shashwat looked at Siya who was already looking at him. She quickly shifted her gaze and he also looked down.

"Pehle Siya nahi thi na sath me." Akash murmured, earning a smack from Shashwat.

[Siya wasn't his partner before.]


The Next Day.

It was the time of afternoon rays of sunlight dance through open windows, casting patterns on the floor.

"Baccho lock the door properly from inside and don't open the door without checking. We will return at night to koi agar zara bhi badtameezi kiya ya ladai jhagda kiya to dekhna. I have made lunch wahi khana bahar se order mat karna." Tara warned them and they nodded like obedient children.

[Don't do any kind of mischievous act and if i get to know you all fought in my absence than you will see.]

"Aur padhai karo baith ke." Harsh said and went out of the house.

[Go and study now.]

"Let's order something!!" Ritika said, grabbing her mobile as Siya switched on the TV.

"Which movie do you all want to watch??" Siya asked, standing near the TV.

"Let me bring chips to eat." Divya said, running towards the kitchen.

"Not now. Shashwat is coming home .. We have to study together to mai movie nahi dekh paunga. He asked me to prepare some notes so I am going to my room." Reyansh said and Siya snapped her head towards him .

"What?? He is coming?? Really??" She asked in an excited voice.

"Yes, But why are you getting too excited??" Reyansh asked with suspicious eyes and she gulped.

"Wo..Aru will also come na ." She said playing with her fingers and he nodded before moving towards his room.

"Siya siya..Wear something beautiful. Aise chudail ban ke mat reh." Ritika said with the same excitement.

[Don't go in front of him like a witch.]

"Yes I will wear that kurti which papa has gifted me on my last birthday." She said.

"Which one?" Ritika asked.

"Arre that.. wait let me bring that one." She said running towards her room.

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