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एक मैं और एक तू
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हो, एक मैं और एक तू
दोनों मिले इस तरह
और जो तन मन में हो रहा है
ये तो होना ही था✨❤️


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Last target to pura nhi kiya but ye kar dena because from next chapter more exciting things will come and we won't update next chapter before the completion of Target 😼🖐️.


The tranquil morning in Vrindavan was disrupted by the sound of water droplets hitting the ground. Shashwat emerged onto his balcony, the refreshing sensation of his bath still lingering on his skin, only to find Siya standing on her own balcony, vigorously wiping her wet hair with a frenzied energy.

Her movements were untamed, reminiscent of wild animals shaking off water in a furious expression. Yet, despite the chaos of her actions, Shashwat found himself captivated by her presence.

He found himself unable to tear his eyes away from her. There was something captivating about the way she moved, the way she seemed to be lost in her own world, oblivious to his presence.

Suddenly, as if sensing his gaze upon her, Siya's eyes flickered up and met his own. A blush crept into her cheeks as she slowed her movements, her hands moving more delicately through her hair.

"Siya ki bacchi!! Tameez se baal nhi sukha sakti thi bollywood heroins jaise..dikha di apni tadka vali harkat!" Shashwat heard her mutter under her breath, a playful glint in her eyes as she caught him staring.

[Siya!! Couldn't you dry your hair properly like Bollywood heroines? You just had to show your quirky antics]

With a mischievous grin, Shashwat plucked a vibrant red rose from the bouquet on his balcony and with a flick of his wrist, sent it sailing through the air towards Siya's balcony. It landed at her feet with a soft thud, causing her eyes to widen in surprise and her cheeks to flush an even deeper shade of pink.

Before she could react, Shashwat winked at her playfully and retreated from the balcony, leaving her standing there, heart racing and cheeks flushed, a smile tugging at the corners of her lips.


The breakfast table buzzed with the usual chatter, the aroma of fresh parathas and steaming chai mingling with the morning air. Shashwat sat among his friends, yet his mind was elsewhere. He gazed absentmindedly to his left, his thoughts lingering on the fleeting moment with Siya earlier that morning.

Akash, ever observant, noticed Shashwat's distant expression. Curiosity piqued, he followed Shashwat's line of sight and spotted a girl sitting nearby. Without missing a beat, Akash smacked Shashwat lightly on the head, jolting him back to reality.

"Tujhe sharam nahi aati parai ladki ko tadte huye? Siya, dekh isse! Ye uss ladki ko dekh raha hai," Akash teased loudly.

[You have no shame teasing another girl like this, Siya? Look at this! He's looking at that girl.]

Siya's ears perked up at her name, and she turned her piercing gaze towards Shashwat. Reyansh, sitting nearby, looked confused.

"Par Siya kyu dekhe? Aur parayi ladki matlab?" Reyansh asked, furrowing his brow.

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