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    Got a lil special chapter coming up. A surprising amount of people (or maybe I'm counting the same people more than once because I'm an idiot) mentioned they wouldn't mind seeing Harvard x Randall x Hunter. So, I'll make a special dedicated to that pair.

AND I FINALLY CHANGED THE COVER. The picture is the same, but I made the eyes blue so it's more accurate to Randall :D.

ALSO, I found a really good and EXTREMELY UNDERRATED book that has only 2.5K views and the book is completed. 

It's called "Little Prince" and is written by  Wink_Wonk_Wank_Wenk

( It is Wink_Wonk_Wank_Wenk in case Wattpad keep glutching out the mention)

It's REALLY well written and it's an omegaverse. For those of you who may not know what it is, the author has a little info thing on the terms and all that and the character sheets are SO CUTE. PLEASE GO SUPPORT THIS EXTREMELY UNDERRATED AUTHOR.

TW: This chapter does contain discussion of sexual stuff. Nothing actually happens. Just Elliot and Randall being comfy friends :D Seriously, that's all this chapter is.


    "Yoohoo! Your one and only favorite person in the world has arrived!" The next day- after that horrendous meeting with Bella's family- Elliot barged in. Did the guards let every escaped insane asylum patient take refuge here?

    "What do you want?" I sighed, what "adventure" would I be experiencing today?

    "I need your help." Elliot plopped a notebook down on the desk. "With my writing."

    "And why would I help you with that? I've got plenty of stuff to keep me busy." I motioned to the papers on my desk. "Unlike SOME people, I've got responsibilities."

    "Well, unlike SOME people I actually want to ENJOY life and not torture myself with twenty classes I don't need." Elliot picked up a couple papers and flicked through them. "Seriously, how many foreign studies classes have you taken so far?! What sane person would want to bury themselves in homework?!"

    "You never know what might come in handy later on." I swiped the papers from him. "Give me a few minutes." I picked up the notebook and started reading.

    "I thought you weren't going to help me?" Elliot smirked.

    "Yeah, well I know your annoying ass won't let me work until I do. I don't know why I keep someone as high maintenance as you around." I quickly read through the twenty pages he had written. "Stuck on the first sex scene?"

    "Yep." Elliot flopped down on my bed. "I wanted to do something different. I've done pretty basic stuff, but nothing kinky. You know? A few readers want more than just penetration and plap plap."

    "I didn't need all that," I rolled my eyes. "Why'd you come to me then? You know, there are people who'd be more helpful with giving you ideas."

    "What, you think I'm capable of walking up to people I don't know and go, 'hey, what do you like to do when having sex and why?' like some weirdo?!" Elliot threw his hands up, "I might as well say, 'show me how you fuck your wife or husband'!"

    "That's not a bad idea," I teased. Elliot gave me the "Shut up or I will shove a pole up your ass" look. "What? There are special clubs for that type of stuff right? I'm sure you could scope out an exhibitionist or two. Bring out your inner voyeur and enjoy the show as you get inspiration for your novel. Kill two birds with one stone."

    "I'd rather DIE," Elliot dramatically threw himself across my bed, splayed out like a starfish. "Just help me write this!"

    "Ugh, fine." I grabbed an empty notebook and a pen and plopped down on the bed next to him, back propped up against the pillows. "This'll be soooooo fun."

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