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    I'm stuck.

...Damn, my stepbro didn't come to save me. Probably because I don't have a stepbrother in the first place. How the hell did I even get stuck in a wall? I'm pretty sure I went to sleep in my bed...

Oh shit, what if some group of guys managed to drug me so I wouldn't wake up and put me through a hole in the wall so they could have their way with me and I wouldn't be able to see who they were?! Why am I so thicc?! Now I can't get out of this hole. And I don't want to wiggle my way out because for all I know there could be a guy staring at my ass and wiggling it around wouldn't be good for me.

"WHY THE FUCK DOES THIS SHIT HAPPEN TO ME?!" I yelled in frustration. I did an experimental push to see if I could push myself out. Ow, nope I can't. Got too much cake.

Fuck this, I'm going to get out even if it means potentially putting on a show for perverts on the other side of this wall! I braced my hands against the wall and pushed, wiggling in an attempt to maneuver myself out.

The rough edges scraped against my abdomen and lower back, but I was making progress.

"Tsk tsk, thought I told you to stay still~." A hand caressed my thigh from the other side of the wall. I shrieked in surprise and pushed harder to get away. Two hands grabbed my side and pulled me back to where I was. Ouch, that fucking hurt.

"Hands off, bastard!"

"Why can't you obey even the simplest command? Guess I'll have to teach you how to listen to your master." Hold on, I know this voice! What the fuck does that prince bastard think he's doing?!

"Fuck you!"

"That's what I intend to do," I felt and heard him unbuckle my belt and yank my pants off. Oh hell no, get me out of here! "Keep struggling and I won't go easy on you."

"Like I'm just going to lay here and let you have your way with my ass!" I tried to kick him. However, he grabbed my legs with a bruising grip.

"You had a choice and you chose the hard way for yourself. Don't blame me if you can't walk for a week~." I felt something prodding at my ass.

"STAY AWAY FROM MY ASS!" I shot up in my bed, covered in sweat. Holy shit, that was a super realistic dream. Why the fuck was that bastard in my dream?


Why? Why was that a wet dream? Is there something wrong with my brain? How is almost getting breached without consent a turn-on? What the fuck, Randall?

I heaved myself out of bed and trudged into the bathroom. I stripped my clothes off and opted for a shower instead of my usual bath. The hot water felt nice and I made sure to be extra thorough with cleaning my body. Ugh, still can't believe I had a wet dream about the bastard prince of all people.

Once the fluffy white robe was securely tied in place, I walked out of the bathroom. Sadly, today was a school day so I couldn't lounge around. I put on my uniform and brushed my hair back and whatever other hygiene stuff.

On my way to the eating area, I saw Tabius and that bastard prince walk out of Tabius' bedroom. What the hell were they doing? Not that it's any of my business, but I'm curious.

"Still want to murder someone today?" I asked him with a grin, ignoring the bastard right beside him.

"Possibly, if they're annoying." Tabius rolled his eyes.

"I don't ever recall you two talking to each other besides insulting or criticizing each other." The bastard looked at us with a curious gleam in his eyes. The desire to punch him in the face was hard to push back.

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