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    OOH WE HIT 100K?!?!?!? Holy shit I need to do a special or something.

    "Damn meddler. I don't need him poking his nose in my business." I muttered as I angrily walked down the hall. Students for the most part got out of my way when they saw my face. Except a few unlucky arrogant wallops who got an ass whooping.

    "E-Excuse me!" A tall guy with light pink hair and dark brown eyes stepped in front of me.

    "What." I snapped. He nervously shuffled his feet.

    "Could I talk to you for a second?"

    "...Fine." I followed him into an empty classroom. He fumbled around in his schoolbag. I tapped my foot impatiently.

    "I-Is this yours? A while ago I saw you studying at the library and when I came back a bit later this book was where you were sitting." The guy held out a book I'd been looking for. It wasn't an explicit book, but it was gay.

    "Er, yes... it is. Thanks." My cheeks flushed as I took it from his hand. God, I hope he didn't read it. Or maybe he did and that's why he's so nervous around me.

     "Do you...usually read stuff like this?" His tone became lighter and I could've sworn he was fighting back a smile.

    "...Yes. Is that a problem?"

    "Not at all!" He grasped my hand with an excited look. "I was hoping you would say yes!"

    "..." I was surprised. I did not expect this.

    "Oh! My name is Elliot Greene! Son of Earl Greene." Elliot rubbed the back of his head, "I saw you a couple weeks ago in town with Howie, but I sorta ran away."


    "Eheheh," Elliot chuckled.

    "I'm not that scary, you know."

    "Eh, you're as approachable as a cactus."

    "Deja vu," I mumbled to myself.


     "Oh nothing. I was thinking how a couple days ago I was called prickly."

    "Pfft! I mean, they're not entirely wrong." Elliot laughed. He wiped his eyes with a wide smile. "All prickly business aside, I was hoping we could be friends."

    "You want to be friends with a cactus like me?"

    "No, I just said that to see your reaction." Elliot said sarcastically.

    "Smartass," I let myself smile a bit. I thought about what Hunter had said and I was determined to prove him wrong. "Alright, you seem nice enough to balance out my prickliness."

    "Nice! Can we walk to class together?"

    "You have foreign culture studies?" I asked, surprised. I don't recall ever seeing Elliot in the class.

    "No, I have fucking embroidery." Elliot rolled his eyes in exasperation. "Yes, I have foreign culture. It might do you some good to pay attention to the people around you, shortie."

    "It might do you some good to not call me that again. I'm not above chopping your legs off."

    "Yeah, you're below everything cuz you're so short." Elliot teased.

    "Come back here you fucker!" I chased Elliot down the hall, laughing as he dashed away. We ignored the odd looks from everyone else.

(To anyone thinking something along the lines of "they got comfy real fast" I wrote it like that because that's how it's ALWAYS been with me when I make a new friend. Within a minute we acting like besties)

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