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    I put a lot of effort into my writing, so it hurts whenever I see someone post a hateful comment about my work. ESPECIALLY if it's homophobic.

    I don't know what society needs to do, but we HAVE to get over this homophobia crap. It's uneccessary and it doesn't hurt you as an individual to support people who are part of the LGBT+ community.

    So if you post any homophobic slur or just any hate comment in general I WILL block and report you. I'm sick of people doing this.

    Please be supportive and loving to others. If you don't have anything nice to comment, then don't comment at all.

I can't grasp why people think it's okay to be judgemental and hateful to others over stuff they can't control. It's getting SO fucking old.

    This is a judgement-free zone. Do. Not. Post. Any. Hate. Comment. I. Swear. To. Fucking. God.

    The only reason I'm writing this note is because two users have REPEATEDLY commented hateful comments on my books despite my warnings. Stop it. Nothing in the bible says it's wrong to be gay or trans or lesbian or asexual or anything like that. NOTHING. Nothing says it's wrong to have darker skin or have heterochromia.



    "I'm afraid I have to get going." I deftly packed up my stuff. I wanted to get away soon as possible.

    "Ah, maybe-"

    I cut him off before he suggested something  unpleasant, "I'm sorry but I really need to go." I nearly sprinted out of the library. If only Bella was here to help me out. I haven't let her accompany me to school since she freaked out during sword practice when I got a cut on my cheek.

    Good times.

    "W-Wait, please!" Hunter ran after me. Are you fucking kidding me right now?!

    "Sorry Poland, I've got important things to do."

    "How come it feels like you're just making excuses to get away from me?"

     "Because that's exactly what I'm doing!" I turned around with an irritated expression to be met with Hunter's hurt expression.

    Ah, dammit. He's like a kicked puppy.

    "Why don't you like me?" His question knocked some sense into me.

    "That's for me to know."


    "But what? Can't accept the fact that there's someone who doesn't like you? Because everyone else has liked you?"


    "Let me tell you one thing; this is nobility we're talking about. In order to survive, many will flatter those of higher ranks in order to gain power. This means that nobles are skilled in the art of pretending to like someone when in reality they don't want anything to do with that person.

    "What I mean is that while you think everyone likes you, it's more likely numerous people are just pretending and sucking up to you. So get off your damn high horse and grow up. With how you are now, you'll be eaten up by the other nobles."

    "...I understand." Hunter's head drooped. I couldn't stand to look at his dejected face, so I sprinted off. He'll definitely leave me alone now after a lecture like that.

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