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    This chapter will be a bit different from the other ones.

    The hard wheels of the wagon clattered against the rocky roads of town. With my money pouch safely tucked out of sight, I hopped off the back.

    "Thanks for the ride!" I tossed a few coppers into the drivers hand.

    "No problem." He tipped his hat and continued down the road. I walked up to the flower shop to pick up a bouquet of white and red chrysanthemums I ordered ahead of time.

    "Here," the florist gave me a white lily.

    "Oh, thank you." I tucked the lily into the bouquet and got another carriage to take me to the outskirts of town.

     After another half an hour of treking down a path in the woods, I reached a small clearing with a large willow tree in the middle. I brushed the tendrils out of my way and kneeled in front of a small stone tablet.


    I took the now withered flowers from last week and replaced them with new ones. 

    Kone died around four years ago when I was only eleven years old.


    "Kone! Where are you?! Kone!" I clicked m tongue as I ran through the estate. Where on earth was Kone?

    "Kone! Please come out!" I kept searching until the sun had begun to hide behind the horizon.

    "Are you looking for your cat?" The gardener asked.

    "Yes, have you seen her?"

    "I saw her about an hour ago near the roses."

    "Thanks!" I ran over to the bushes of various colors of roses. I checked around and under them, but she wasn't there.

    Then I noticed the door of a nearby shed was cracked open. I flung the door wide open and found Kone lying in a pile of dead leaves.

    I knew something was off when Kone didn't even give an ear twitch. Even at the slightest noise she'd jump up.

    "Kone?" The answer was clear even before I touched her limp body.

    Kone had died.

    "...hic," tears welled up in my eyes and dripped down onto Kone. It didn't make sense, she was only three and a half years old and she had been perfectly healthy!

    Then I saw the deep gashes in her belly-


    I shook the depressing memory out of my  head.

    I don't know who or what killed her, but it was clear she had tried to hide in terror.

    I clenched my hands and got up. I needed to get my mind off of this.


    "It's been a while. You haven't shown your face for what... two weeks?" Rakesha raised an eyebrow. (go to chapter 8.5 if you forgot about her)

    "I'm sorry, school caught up to along with some pests."

    "Pests? How many?" Rakesha handed me a mug of her mystery drink that was like melted chocolate. No, it was not hot chocolate.

    I took a sip before answering, "Uhh, I think around 1, 2, 3, 4... well, a lot. Pretty much most of the school."

    "Wow, what'd you do?"

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