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I just found another book with LOTS of potential and is pretty good so far! It's called "No Longer a Villain" by Kingdom_fanatic and they're translating their book into english. Definitely check it out and follow them! ^^

"There. You are ready to go, young master." Belle stood back, analyzing for any flaws in my appearance.

"Thanks," I picked up my schoolbag, "Let's go."

"Do you want me to carry your bag for you?" Belle held out her hand.

"I can carry it!" Belled put her hand down and we walked out of the manor. In front were two carriages; a fancy one and a plain one. Tabius climbed into the fancy carriage and left. That meant I had to ride in the plain carriage with Belle, not that it bothered me.

The carriage was comfortable and soon we were at the front of the academy. When I stepped out, I heard whispers full of malice come from some of the other kids.

"What type of carriage is that?"

"Seems like something a commoner would ride."

"Urgh, is he in a baronet or merchant family?"

"Better stay away from him. Who knows what muck he has on him."

"Commoners are filthy."

Now, I'm used to bad parents, but I'm not used to bullying at school. Back then people would either ignore my existence or cozy up to me for money. This is a new experience for me.

Oh well, I can get through this. All I have to do is keep a low profile and focus on my studies. Since Tabius will be the one inheriting the Duke title, I need to be well-versed in other things. I'm glad I don't have to stress about being the heir.

Noble children gave me a wide berth of space, whispering behind their hands. I don't get why they think putting their hand up will change anything. I get they might not want people to read their lips, but it's uneccessary in the end.

"Young master, do you want me to get them to stop?" Belle pushed up her glasses, making them flash as the light reflected off of them.

"No, I'm alright. Let them say whatever they want. I'm not here to make friends, only to learn."

"..." Belle looked surprised, then gave a slight smile. "My youg master truly is something else."

"?" I didn't question her odd words and continued walking down the hall. "Belle, what's my first class?"

"Room 304 with Mr. Faulkner."

"Mkay, this is room 105 so... maybe in a different hall? No, there's six grade levels in this building and the building is seven floors. Maybe if I go up to the third floor..." I mumbled to myself.

I went up to the second floor and read the number by the first door on the left. 201. Aha! So my class had to be on the third level.

We went up another flight of stairs and walked down the hall to a door numbered 304.

"Found it!"

"As expected of young master," Belle said. For a moment she seemed proud, but I couldn't tell.

I opened the door and walked in. I recognized a couple faces from before, but paid them no mind.

"You've got to be kidding me! We have to stay in the same room as this beggar?!" A boy groaned loudly. Uh, rude! Isn't that a bit of a stretch since I'm wearing the same outfit as you?!

Wait, lightbulb! This is a golden opportunity to embarrass them while I can!

"Well, aren't you ashamed of the fact that a mere beggar like me is wearing the same outfit as you?" I gave a malicious grin. Belle silently stood back and watched the scene with a blank face.

"You-!" The boy flushed a bright shade of red. A few kids also looked embarrassed as they realized what I said was true.

The boy stomped away and sat down in a random seat. I chose a seat in the second back row in a seat two spots away from the door.

The seats around me were the last to be taken as students piled in. Mr. Faulkner hobbled into class a few minutes late. His face looked haggard and he could use a good cup of strong coffee.

"Quiet down all of you. Today we'll be going through class rules and school regulations. Pay close attention because I will not repeat myself." Kids groaned and someone yelled "boring!".

"I see you all have not yet learned proper etiquette. I'll have to let Ms. Gardner know." Everyone straightened up at that. No one wanted to go through extra etiquette lessons.

As Mr. Faulkner droned on about the school regulations, I found myself zoning out and thinking of chocolate mousse.

A loud THWACK startled me out of my thoughts.

"Pay attention. I will not stand for daydreaming in my class. Wipe that drool off your chin." All the kids burst into a fit of giggles as I hurriedly wiped my chin.

My face felt hot for the rest of the class. The moment we were dismissed for lunch, a couple of kids shoved me to the ground.

"Beggars can't afford to eat here. Why don't you come watch us and drool some more?" The boy I embarrassed earlier smirked. I saw Belle step forward, but I stopped her. I would get my revenge one day.

"I might as well watch pigs eat slop from their troughs." I brushed off my slacks and brushed past them. Guess I won't be going to the cafeteria today.

I went outside and settled under some trees.

"I prepared some snacks for you in case something like this happened." Belle got a basket from somewhere and within a minute a picnic was set up.

"Woah, you're amazing, Belle!"

"Not at all. Every servant must be prepared to serve their master in any possible scenario."

"Can you sit next to me?"

"It would be unsightly for a lowly servant like me to sit next to young master."

"Please? It'd be more comfortable for me if you were more relaxed around me."

"...As you wish." Belle settled down next to me and hesitantly accepted a sandwich from me when I nearly shoved it into her mouth.

The rest of the day went by slow, but Belle was there to cheer me up when she gave me some chocolate mousse after dinner.

I wonder if I'll meet the man in that dream. And why was he so sad over the original Randall's death?

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