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    I recently found a book I had read a few months back and realized I never said anything about the book or the author. So the book is called "Soul Exchange With the Tragic Villain" by ranu_chyan. It is a REALLY good book and I enjoyed reading it.

    The reason why I'm mentioning it now is because "Angel in Devil's Clothing" was inspired by "Soul Echange With the Tragic Villain".

    So if ranu_chyan never made their book, then this book would'e never existed.

    PLEASE go follow them and read their bok if you haven't because it is genuinally a well-written book I've had the pleasure of reading.

    Also, shoutout to GrayShade. I personally enjoy two of their books, "New World" and "Strength System" and they have others I haven't read yet so please look at their books too! ^^

    WARNING: Angst, neglect, and LOTS of time skips

"Papa!" A small Randall- around five years old- trotted up to the Duke. Randall clutched one of the Duke's pants legs with a cheery smile.

"What do you want?" Duke Howell glared at the boy. Randall's smile fell into a nervous and hopeful expression.

"I-I just wanted to see you, papa." 

Duke Howell's glare sharpened, "do not come to me for such trivial purposes. I don't have time to waste on your games."

Randall's expression drooped into one of sadness, "but papa-"

"You address me as Duke, understand?" Randall gripped the edge of his shirt, holding back tears.

"Y-Yes, P- I mean, Duke Howell." Randall prodded out of the room with a heavy heart.


"Today's papa's birthday! I can't wait to show him the drawing I worked hard on all day yesterday!" Young Randall beamed at the product of his hard work. "Maybe papa will finally give me a hug as he does to big brother!"

Randall nearly ran to the dining room to see his father and brother had already eaten breakfast. He didn't mind as he had spent breakfast finishing his drawing by writing "Happy Birthday!" on the back.

"Father, I have something to give you," Tabius spoke up.

"What is it?" Tabius gave the Duke a piece of paper. On it was Tabius' grades, all of them being top scores. Duke Howell smiled and patted Tabius on the head.

"Good job. Keep it up, and you'll be a grand duke." Tabius brightened up at the praise.

"D-Duke, I made you something for you." Randall came up to Duke Howell.

"What is it?" The sharp edge of annoyance in his tone saddened Randall. He gave Duke Howell the drawing. His heart sped up as his father stared at the paper.

"Useless." In seconds, the paper got shredded up into little bits. "Instead of studying, you're fooling around? No wonder your grades are abysmal. Why don't you follow Tabius' example? Top of his class, studying and keeping an excellent reputation while you sit here doodling and do nothing productive."

"..." Randall stared at the torn remnants of his hard work. He saw those remnants as his heart, torn into shreds without a hint of mercy.

"Begone. Reflect on your actions and get your priorities straight." Randall didn't understand what priorities were, but he left anyway. Asking his father what something meant would only fuel the fire.

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