20.5 Special

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Another lil special for you all! I went through the comment section in previous chapters, and a few of you mentioned you wanted a Harvard x Hunter x Randall ship. While it's NOT canon, who says I can't make a lil side oneshot of it? Gotta keep the readers happy after all.

If you want another special, tell me the pairing. No, I will NOT pair Randall with his father, Tabius, Bella, or any other adults mentioned in the story, ok? He's still technically a minor (17), so I want to keep it to the others who are 17 or 18. 

    In this oneshot Randall is 26. Harvard is 27. Hunter is 26.

Warning: Lime (aka "unripe lemon" in the sense that they don't have "actual penetrative sex".) God help me and my secondhand embarrassment as I make this public for others to read.

    God, please tell me why my heart thought it'd be a good idea to fall in love with two of the most annoying and insufferable people I've ever met. Not only to fall in love with them but to get MARRIED as well. Where did I go wrong? When did I stray off the path of self-preservation and common fucking sense just to end up on the road to self fuckery and homicidal thoughts?!

    For three years. THREE. YEARS. I've dealt with Harvard and Hunter's antics and somehow, they're both still alive. What type of plot armor do those two shits have?! Well, Harvard IS now the king... killing him wouldn't be easy.

    As for how the three of us ended up in a relationship... I believe it had something to do with chasing a cat. Not exactly sure of the smaller details. Point is, I don't know how those two idiots managed to snag ME of all people. And WHY.  

    "Randall! Whatcha doing?" On cue, Hunter slung his arms around my shoulders and glanced at the papers on my desk. "Come on, haven't you done enough work for today? You've been working nonstop for the past WEEK. You're gonna DIEEEE!"

    "No I won't," I poked his cheek with a pen, "you do realize this is what we signed up for when we chose to be the king's lovers, right? Work. Work. And... work." I stamped another document with the royal seal. "Besides, who's going to do the work when the two of you slack off all the damn time?"

    "Well, EXCUSE ME, but I don't like working for twelve hours straight like you, you damn workaholic. You need food. And water. And love. YOUR SHIFT FOR TODAY IS OVER!" With that, Hunter lifted me out of the chair. The fucker had gained a lot of muscle in the past three years, and he was almost as strong as me. 


    "Where are you taking me?"

    "Bath. Harvard's probably already there." Hunter kicked the door to the bathroom open. He definitely didn't pick that up from me... I swear he didn't.

    The "bath" was more like a goddamn pool. Even after three years, I have yet to see the practicality in such a ridiculously large bath. Especially when these two clung onto me whenever they got the chance!

    Harvard was already there, looking tired with some impressive eyebags. As much as I said these two slacked off, Harvard worked the hardest out of the three of us- mainly because he had to. Thank God I wasn't born royalty, I'm having a hard enough time as is being a "royal" ambassador.

    "Well, hello there," Harvard grinned, looking a little less tired. "Nice to see you finally doing something other than work for once."

    "As if you can talk." I rolled my eyes, letting Harvard pull me closer. "It's been, what, a week since you've taken a break?"

    "What can I say? Everyone wants a piece of me nowadays." Harvard grumbled, putting his head on my chest. "If it was a choice, I'd tell them to go fuck themselves." Hunter laughed from beside me.

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