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  "Why did they make the side villain so pitiful?!" I yelled in anger, clenching the phone in my hand.

    "Yeah, they took your life and implimented it into the game as his life." Josh commented with a faint grin.

    The name's Rhon (originally Rhonda) Gates, one of four children to a famous celebrity couple; Jacob Gates and Miranda D'iablo. If you're wondering why they have different surnames, it's because they're divorced.

    I guess now's the prime time to spill all my life's details and how I got into a big ol' pot of freshly-stirred shit with an unhealthy dose of drama and a few extra gallons of pure utter bullshit; the purest you'll ever find.

    My family is famous for being filled with prodigies on both sides. My parents' marriage was decided by my maternal and paternal grandparents so they could produce more "tiny wonders" as they like to say.

    I'm the third eldest. I have two elder twin brothers and one younger sister; Mathias, Mathew, and Cora. Mathias and Mathew are 20 years old and they run their own companies, which are quickly rising to the top. My younger sister, only 12, is a renowned science genius. Somehow, she founded a species of bacteria found cultivating in areas affected by toxic waste and eradicated a potential epidemic. Don't ask me how she did it.

    Then there's me, the plain jane. Also known as, "the bastard's doppleganger".

    I'm a 17 year old girl who came out as transgender on my 16th birthday. Since then, I've been labelled as "gay" since I identified myself as a male and crushed on other guys.

    Not only that, I'm average academic wise, can't cook for shit, don't have any hobbies, and I'm called "the bastard's doppelganger" because I look exactly like my dad. Seriously, the resemblance is freaky.

    The reason why my dad is referred to as "the bastard" all lays on a fateful day five years ago when he eloped with another man and ran off to Germany.

    Honestly, I'm happy for him. I hope he found happiness over there. Wish he took me with him, though. He was the only one who payed any attention to me and I grew up as "daddy's girl".

    Anyway, my family treats me like absolute shit whenever they decide to acknowledge my existence once every blue moon.

    The only things I get from them is; hate, food, hate, shelter, hate, water, hate, internet, oh, and did I mention... hate?

    They all hate me since I remind them of the family's scandal. Every time they see my face, it's like a slap in the face to their pride.

    Of course, that's why I make it a point to have them see my face every day.

    Oh, and then there's Josh; my one and only "friend".

    I say "friend" when in reality I only talk to him for two reasons. One, he's the only one who'll talk to me. Two, he's into otome games and novels. However, he takes any chance he can to suck up to my family and point out how miserable my life is. Doesn't really matter to me. As long as he does otome games with me, I'll let him stick around.

    Now back to where we started.

    I nearly threw my phone across the room in anger, "these shitty producers! What did Randall do to deserve torture?! All he did was correct the hero and point out what he was doing wrong!"

    "Who knows?" Josh shrugged, focusing on his own phone, "only you would be mad at them for that. Everyone else would just continue to the endings."

    Randall Howell was the villain in a popular bl otome game called, "Cupid Roulette". Basically, you're the hero who seduces four capture targets; Ezekiel, Zachary, Christopher, and Tabius. They're all sons of the four dukes in the Azulan kingdom.

    Randall Howell was the second son of Duke Howell and the little brother of Tabius Howell. The third son of Duke Howell was Taro.

    The game starts off on the first day at the Rosegal academy. The hero is sent off by his parents; Marquess Poland and Marchioness Poland.

    The hero ends up meeting the four capture targets during training and gains AP (affection points) whenever he does good in either training, mock battle, or an actual battle. Of course, you also have to choose the correct options when talking to them and getting them good gifts when you become close friends.

    Randall comes into play when he notices his brother's interest in you and becomes jealous. In numerous attempts to embarrass the hero, Randall points out every little mistake the hero does and harrasses the hero every day.

    I get how he could be annoying, but he didn't deserve to be tortured for two weeks and then have his limbs torn from his body by tying each arm and leg to four different horses.

    It's complete overkill!

    "I'm gonna go now. My mom wants me home," Josh got up and walked out. I didn't bother saying goodbye.

    Part of me hoped he'd stay for a while longer since today was the fifth year anniversary of my dad's departure. Of course, only I bothered to remember the day.

    It's also the day I'm going to die.

    Yep, you read that right. I promised myself I'd take my life on this day. I barely held out this long and multiple times I nearly jumped the gun, but I held out and I can now die with a smile.

    The only thing I'm going to leave behind is a letter for my dad, which has already been mailed. It would be pointless to leave anything for the others since they'll be rejoicing at my death; There's no greater gift to them than having me gone.

    To this day I still wonder what I'd become if I grew to be an independent adult. Not that it'd be anything worthwhile in my family's eyes.

    With a heavy sigh, I walked out of the house and drove to my dad's former company's building. It was over twenty stories tall and towered over the surrounding structures.

    I entered the building and walked to the elevator. I pushed the button to the top floor. The elevator slowly slid up to the top floor. Whistling a tune, I got out of the elevator and climbed a flight of stairs to the rooftop. I unlocked the door using a key I acquired a while back and walked to the edge. The wind nearly pushed me over the edge, but I caught myself in time.

    The view from up here was breathtaking. I should've come up here before.

    "Hey! Get down from there!" A man yelled from the door. I turned to see an older man in a janitor outfit.

    "I'll be fine," then I jumped. My stomach did a flip as I fell. The ground came closer and I could distinguish the horrified expressions of the people nearby.

    Bye dad.


    That's how I died. It's also how I found myself here in this empty room with three doors; one with a halo, one with fire, and one with nothing on it.

    The halo door was padlocked and I couldn't get it to budge open. If I'm going at this right, these three doors resemble three different ways after life; heaven, hell, and something else.

    It seemed I couldn't go to heaven, probably because I took my own life, and had to choose between hell or the unknown.

    You know what? I'll choose the blank door. I don't want to suffer in purgatory.

    With a shaky breath, I opened the blank door and stepped in. For a moment it felt like nothing existed. No air, no sun, no water, no matter.

    No life.

    Then, before I knew it, I was staring up at the top of a sheer white bed canopy.

    The fuck?

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