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    I found this writer green1000 who has 466 works! Damn, that'd be me in a few years if I published every single story idea I had.

Oh, and Little_Miss_Fujoshi is finally back after over two years of being M.I.A!!!!!!! I'm really glad they're okay and doing well!

    "Today, we will be going to room 507 and watch year 5 in their etiquette lesson today. You will watch what they do so you know what you're supposed to do tomorrow."

    Year 5? Isn't that Tabius' class? God fucking damn it! I don't want to watch his fugly ass sit in a chair and sip tea for two hours!

    "Belle, isn't there any way to get out of this?" I whispered when Mr. Faulkner had his back turned.

    "I'm afraid not. Young master's education is very important. If young master doesn't learn properky, he won't successfully become a part of society and will be shunned for the rest of his life." Belle scolded me.

    "Okay, okay! I got it." I sighed and stood up with the rest of the class. We lined up, me being at the very back, and walked up to the fifth floor. Mr. Faulkner paused in front of door 507.

    "I expect all of you to quietly sit on the chairs lined of on the west wall. Not a single peep, you hear me?"

    "Why?" A kid asked.

    "Because their lesson has already started and it's extremely disrespectful to disrupt a lesson." Mr. Faulkner snapped at the child. I would've felt bad for the kid if he wasn't an asshole.

    We quietly entered in. Well, everyone but me since Mr. Faulkner pulled me aside at the last second.

    "You better pay attention. No more daydreaming during lessons."

    "Yes, sir," I mumbled. He let me go and I hurried over to the others and sat down. Tabius glowered at me and resumed his task. I had to keep myself from laughing when it came to the dancing part.

    Tabius almost tripped when the girl he was dancing with stepped on his foor. Then another pair fell down. A few kids in our group giggled. Mr. Faulkner, Ms. Gardner, and some of the kids in grade five glared in our direction. Geez, they need to chill. Kids will be kids.

    "Since all of you seem to find it so amusing, why don't you start your lesson a day early?" Woah, what's this about ALL of us? I managed to keep quiet!

    "Randall, how about you come up here and show the class the proper way to sit?" Ms. Gardner pointed at me with her fan.

    "May I say something, Ms. Gardner?" I looked at Ms. Gardner.

    "What is it?"

    "Isn't pointing at people rude? Aren't you supposed to have good etiquette?"

    Ms. Gardner flushed, "you imprudent boy!" She yelled.

    "Yelling and calling other people names is rude too. I think you're the one who needs etiquette lessons." A few kids giggled aain while others paled. Teachers were highly respected and students usually wanted to stay on their good side.

    Especially if that teacher is an etiquette teacher.

    Tabius had a smug look on his face because he knew I was in deep shit now.

    "Well, since you're so knowledgeable, why don't you demonstrate how to do the waltz?"

    "That's dancing, not table manners." I shot back. I don't know where I got the balls to say all this, but I'm going to go along with it for now and regret my life choices later.

    "Then how do you hold a cup?"

    "With two fingers and stick your pinky out even though it's idiotic."

    "What makes you say that?" I saw Ms. Gardner's eyebrow twitch.

    "Well, most of your grip strength is in your pinky. If you don't believe me, get a pencil or something similar and squeeze your hand around it. Then put your pinky out and you'll notice the difference."

    A few kids had a pencil and did as I said. There were a few murmurs as they realized what I said was true.

    "So holding the cup like that is asking for an accident. People are more likely to drop their cup." Ms. Gardner sighed and motioned me to come closer.

    "Good grief, your manners towards others are outrageous. Anne, come here. You will be his dance partner." What?! I'm going to dance?!

    "I don't know how to dance," I spoke up.

    "I'm well aware. You're going to do this as punishment." Aw man! Why do I have to do this?!

    "Ms. Gardner, I hurt my ankle during practice earlier." I was about to say something when she showed her ankle. It looked a bit swollen, so she wasn't lying.

    "Hm, that is troublesome. Well, how about Tabius?"

    "What?" My eyes widened, "but isn't he also a boy?"

    "He's the best dancer along with Anne, so he'll be able to teach you more." Tabius got up with a look of disbelief. I would've laughed if I wasn't in the same situation.

    "Alright, so Tabius will be the lead and you need to follow his every move." Ms. Gardner sat down, "Tabius, you may start."

    To say the next hour was hell is a huge understatement. Tabius was much taller than me, so I struggled following his long strides. Not to mention we're brothers on very bad terms with each other made it extremely awkward. By the end of the lesson, my body ached and I was humiliated in front of the classes.

    Belle massaged my legs during lunch when I got a big cramp in my left calf. I also ate two bananas to get more potassium.

    When I got home, the butler was standing there.

    "Did you have a good day?" I gave him a suspicious look. Since when did he care about how my day went?

    "...Fine." I walked past the butler and asked Belle for some banana muffins and help with learning etiquette. I'll show that old hag I know how to be prim and proper and I'll be damned if I dance with Tabius again!

    I have decided to put most of my attention on this book because many people seem to enjoy it and want faster updates.

    So, because I'm a man of my word, I'm going to publish 7 AND 8 TODAY!

    Because who doesn't like two updates in one day?

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