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    "Why do you not have a shirt on?" Bella fussed over me the moment I stepped in. "And who is this? Why are you carrying him?"

    "This is Hunter Poland. He... got injured and I told him I'd help." I shifted Hunter in my arms again. "Could you get the medicine kit?"

    "Of course." Bella rushed off immediately. I carried Hunter to my bedrooms and set him on the bed. I rummaged through my drawers to fix some soft clothing. I found a long sleeve shirt and some old sweatpants and a pair of drawers. The last part embarrassed me a bit, but it couldn't be helped. I wasn't about to make Hunter go commando.

    "You should get cleaned up before I treat your wounds." I put the clothing beside Hunter. "I'll get the bath ready."

    "Er," Hunter looked uncomfortable, "um..."

    "Don't worry. No one will see you. I'll make sure of that."

    "...Okay." Bella came back with the kit. I put it on the bedside table and got the bath ready. Hunter closed the bathroom door behind him, and I waited while Bella left to get some refreshments.

    Ironic how I'm taking care of someone who I didn't want to get involved with in the first place. Well, the moment the game storyline starts and the capture targets fight over him, I'm out.

    Bella set a table up for us and left when I told her Hunter didn't want anyone to see his wounds.

    "Thanks for the clothes." Hunter said as he walked out. The towel hung around his neck as his sopping wet hair dripped. He also wasn't wearing the pants.

    "Why aren't you wearing the pants? Are they too big?"

    "No, I thought it'd be easier to treat the wounds if I didn't have them on and I didn't want to get blood on them."

    "Oh yeah. Sit here and I'll bandage you up. Bella brought some snacks too if you want some afterwards." Hunter sat on the bed as I knelt on the floor in front of him. Because the cuts were on the inside of his upper thighs, I had to get in an awkward position.

    "If you need me to stop, tell me immediately."

    "Okay." I got the alcohol wipe and scooted closer between his spread legs. One glance told me Hunter was embarrassed at his face was beet red and his hands quivered.

    ...I need to hurry up and get out of this compromising situation before someone sees.

    Hunter hissed when I gently cleaned the cuts with the alcohol wipes. Then I put on an antibacterial cream and wrapped a bandage around the cuts.

    "There. That should do it." I put the stuff up. "You okay?"

    "Yeah." Hunter quickly put on his pants while I put the medicine kit back on the bedside table. "Thanks."

    "No problem. Cocoa?"

    "Sure, thanks." Hunter went to the table and sat down. He munched on a piece of chocolate cake and sipped on some hot cocoa.

    "You need to dry your hair or you'll get sick." I took the towel around his shoulders and ruffled his hair around with it. I ran my fingers through it to tame it a bit.

    "And you say you don't act like a mom," Hunter teased.

    "You better keep your mouth shut or you'll get a nasty surprise when you least expect it."

    "Yes, yes." Hunter stretched and yawned. I tossed the towel somewhere across the room. Hunter stood up from his chair. "I need some sleep."

    "Do you want me to walk you to your room? It's the one next door."

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