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Also, this chapter is a bit rushed and all over the place, I apologize.

   I came back home a few hours later. Hopefully, that wretched prince has left.

    "I'm back," I handed my coat to the maid by the door, "please put this up for me."

    "Yes, young master," the maid said as she took the coat from me. I walked up the stairs and down the hall to my room.

    "Er, young master..." Velan stopped me as I reached for the door handle.

    "What is it?" I asked as I grabbed the handle and tried to twist it.

    Why the hell was my door locked?!

    "Uh, about that..." Velan cleared his throat, "the prince is in there right no-"

    "Oh hell no! What is he doing in my room?!"

    "I do not know, young master," Velan replied and handed me a key. "This is the spare key to your room."

    "Thanks, Velan," I inserted the key and slammed the door open. Velan left as fast as he could. To my horror, I found the prince lying down on my bed.

    Reading my gay erotica books.

    "What on earth are you doing here?!"

    "Research," Prince Harvard smirked, "and it's produced some fascinating results."

    "You-" I stomped to the side of the bed and snatched the book from his hands, "you can't jus-" Prince Harvard grabbed my wrist and yanked me onto the bed and pinned me down.

    "I didn't know you were gay," he gripped my chin with one hand and pinned my hands above my hand with the other.

    "Got a problem with that?" I snarled.

    "Not at all, it makes things more fun for me."

    "Well, go find someone else to play with!" I shoved him off of me with all my might, "I'm sure there are plenty of people that are willing to be played with."

    "It's boring when they're willing from the start," Man, I seriously want to slap that smirk off of this bastard's face.

    "Look somewhere else." I shoved all the books back into the closet where they belong.

    "I guess I'll have to wait until later." Prince Harvard shrugged as he straightened out his clothes and brushed them off.

    "Just go,"I told him, looking away from his gaze. The shame of having my secret exposed brought blood rushing to my face.

    "Very well," He told me, hearing his footsteps recede until they faded into the distance.

    "Randall, are you alright?" Belle asked as knocked on the door,  "are you sick?" she asked as she walked over to me.

    "No, I'm not. Could you get me some chocolate cake?"

    "Of course," Belle replied before she trotted off. I sank into my lounging chair as the door closed.

    I'll never live this moment down. Out of all the people it could've been, it was that sadist bastard of a prince.


    "Are you alright, Randall? You look quite pale." A clingy girl of some noble family asked as she leaned closer, pretending to be worried about my health.

    "I'm fine," I responded, as gently pushed her hand aside. I ignored the others vying for my attention.

    "Oh, Randall! You won't believe what I saw at the palace a week ago!" Another lady said, as she placed her hands on my arm.

    "Really now?" I asked, not curious in the least.

    "Yes, I saw this man- very handsome, and looked like he was around 21 years old- who begged Prince Harvard to let him serve him"

    Everyone, including me, was listening attentively at this point.

    "Prince Harvard actually agreed on one condition; the man has to undergo brutal training for one week."

    "Seriously, that's it?" A guy asked, dubious, "why would the prince do that?"

    "He sees people as playthings, so he wants to observe and experiment with those who catch his attention," I butted in. Most were aghast that I would talk about the prince like that, but remained quiet.

    "Look, it's Prince Harvard! He has a different servant with him today."

    "Oh, it's the man who begged to be his servant!" The lady from before gripped my arm tighter.

    Oh. My. God.

    There are two reasons I'm freaked out right now.

1. He is GORGEOUS. Like, the best looking man I've ever seen and is EXACTLY my type in terms of looks.

2. He's the man I saw in my dream. He was the one who cried when Randall died.

    "Cat got your tongue, Randall?" Prince Harvard threw a sly grin at me. I quickly snapped my jaw shut and glared.

    "Not at all," I retorted, as I got up and walked away from the table. Why can't lunch break just end already? 

    "Where are you going, Randall~?" I ignored Harvard and increased speed. I wish Belle was here. She always helped me calm down and relax.

    "Randall," the swordmaster called out. He taught the guys here how to wield a sword. Of course, I already knew how to wield the sword, so I was exempt from the humiliation of making a simple mistake in front of everyone else.

    "What is it, Master Zeke?" I stopped in my tracks.

    "Would you mind helping me with the next class?"

    "Of course." Thankfully, I had a study hall next hour and had no work to do.

    "Splendid, I'll see you in ten minutes at the training grounds." Master Zeke hurried off. I made my way to the changing rooms. I changed into a plain shirt and slacks, along with a knee brace. I injured my right knee a while back and sometimes it gave a little twinge of pain whenever I used it too much.

    "Maybe I should bring my hair clip. My bangs are getting kinda long," I mumbled. I grabbed the basic hair clip and clipped my hair back, "perfect."

    "Just in time. I needed to talk to you before class started."

    "What is it?"

    "The reason why I called you here is because this class is quite big and I need someone to help supervise and make sure Tabius and Ezekiel don't start fighting. I figured you'd be up for the job since you're Tabius' brother."

    Ooh~ this'll be fun. I get to boss Tabius around.

    I wonder how this'll turn out.

Sorry, had to rush at the end.

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