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This was supposed to come out before July 4th, but - to those who actually read my announcement - you know Wattpad decided to be a bitch and screw me over.

I have pretty much zilch motivation to write, but I'm doing it anyway.

XD Also, some people confuse me. This person said I couldn't make the characters go through all this bad stuff or something like that. I can do whatever I want in my stories.

There's author in authority for a reason.

"..." The hell is going on in this hellhole? Why's there a mountain of sparkly ass presents in front of my bed?

"The master wanted to give you this." The family butler, Velan, explained.

"I don't want them."

"What?! Do you realize all of the trouble he went through to pick these out?!" Velan pushed his glasses up, flabbergasted.

"It looks like he had no idea what I like and decided to get some of everything."

"...Er, well, he payed a lot for all of this."

"Seems wasteful to me. Instead of buying me things I'll never use, tell him to give money to the commoners."

"Wha-" I cut him off.

"Speaking of commoners, I'm going to town again!" I kicked the bed sheets off and hopped out of bed. Today I shall try to befriend some of the commoner kids!

"..." Velan sighed in irritation, but left without another word.

"Hmmm," I carefully picked out an outfit, ignoring the fancy new clothes. I ended up with a light beige longsleeve shirt and dark brown denim overall shorts paired with comfortable navy blue shoes. I looked like the kid of a well off commoner family, but not too well off if you know what I mean.

"Yosh! Let's do this!" I walked over to the door, then paused. There was a lot of money in one of many sacks.

"...Just a little bit." I took a handful of copper coins and silver coins, but left the gold coins alone. I don't need people trying to rob me blind or catching onto the fact I'm in a noble family.

I grabbed my messenger bag (the bag that goes across your body with a flap) and stuffed the money inside.

    "Time to go make some friends!" I bolted out of the room, slid down the stair banister, and ran out the door.

    I continued running until I was outside of the estate's gates.

     "Huff... huff... Geez... I need to... build up... my stamina," I panted. With this meager stamina, I won't be able to keep up with the other kids.

     "Fried sweet bread! Get your fried sweet bread here!" A man yelled. Fried sweet bread? Sounds unhealthy and fattening.

    Just how I like it!

    "H-How much for one?"

    "Oh?" The man glanced down at me, "it's two copper knuckles!"

    "Can I get four then?" I handed the woman behind the stand eight of the copper coins.

    "Here you go!" I noticed she slipped an extra one in.

    "Thank you very much!" I bowed and walked off. I grabbed one of the breads and bit into it.

    This is one of the best things I've ever tasted! The outside is nice and flaky, but the inside is soft and chewy with some sort of sweet custard filling in there too!

    "I hope they're gonna be there tomorrow too, I'm gonna buy more!" I grabbed another one and strolled down the side of the street.

    I bumped into a few people, some of them yelled, "Watch it!", but other than that it was fine.

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