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    Warning: Foul language

    I expected this gay erotica to be kinda stiff and boring, but this shit is EROTIC. It's the opposite of what I expected.

    Okay, I see how it is! Duke Howell is one kinky bitch! Probably a bi bitch too.

     Now that I'm thinking about it, it'd be bad if anyone saw me right now. I mean, what type of six-year-old (saw a calendar with his sixth birthday date on it.) would be reading gay erotica?!

    A six-year-old with memories of a past life, that's who.

    With a sigh, I reluctantly put the book back in my hiding spot in the back of the closet. I suppose it's time to clean this place up, there's an inch of dust on the windowsill. Since none of the servants ever come to my room I have to do many chores; clean my bedroom and bathroom, organize my stuff, get my own water for baths, get my own food, set up a schedule, etc.

    I'm not too bothered by it since I did this stuff in my past life. All hail independence!

    In all seriousness, I'm glad there aren't servants snooping about in my room or else I'd never be able to keep my hidden stash.

    I grabbed the two wooden buckets I keep by the bathroom doorand carried them by resting the pole on my shoulder with one bucket on each end like the washer maids.

    I made my way to the well, filled the buckets, and went back to my room. I put a bucket in the bathroom and a bucket in my bedroom. I sifted through my bathroom cabinet to retrieve the soap and put a little in each bucket. Then I stripped my bed and pillows, cleared off and organized my desk, put the books on the bookshelf in alphabetical order (excluding the erotica), dusted and wiped off every surface, washed the windows and swept the floor. I got a cloth for mopping the floor and set to work.

    When the floor was all sparkly, I set aside the now sorta murky water to dump later and worked on the bathroom. I scrubbed the bathtub, dumped the chamber pot, cleaned the water basin,wiped down the mirror, and washed the floor. I wiped my forehead while admiring my work. Now it's time for laundry. Gathering up all the sheets, blankets, and dirty clothes, I went outside to the washboards and set to work.

    A few hours later with pruny fingers and an aching back, I went to my secret clothesline and hung everything up. I stretched and tiredly trodded back to my room. I put on a different set of sheets and blankets before changing into pajamas and fell asleep.


    The next morning, I retrieved my now dry stuff, folded/ hung it up, and put them away. I clean every other week and it's pretty tiring. Oh well, at least it's done for the next two weeks.

    My stomach rumbled loudly. I didn't eat anything other than an apple yesterday. I should get some real food.

    The hallways were empty and the only sound came from my footsteps. Where was everyone?

    I glanced out the window to the front to see father and Tabius climb into a carriage with fancy clothing on. Some of their close attendents got into a carriage behind theirs.

    "I wish I could go to the royal banquet!" A maid complained from somewhere close.

    "I know right? But not even the youngest master isn't going. Not that I'm surprised. He's pretty much a servant too." Father and Tabius were going to a royal banquet without me.

    "Yeah, I heard that Duke Howell tells everyone his son is too sick to go outside. I bet he's just ashamed to have made such a stupid son." The maids snickered. I bit my lip and forced the knot in my throat down. Even though I'm not attatched to anyone here, it still hurt to be left out. It reminded me of my life before.

    "Stupid feelings," I muttered and cleared my throat. Time to go to the kitchen and get some food.

    The cooks were in the kitchen and they glared at me when I entered.

    "What are you in here for, boy? Lunch was an hour ago."

    "I'm hungry, so I came to get something to eat."

    "Well too bad. You should've eaten when there was food out," the cooks smirked. I held no power in this household and they knew it.

    I wouldn't have been able to eat then either, I thought to myself.

    "Get out!" I got shoved out of the kitchen and the door slammed in my face. With a rumbling stomach, I plodded back to my room. I read for hours until the room grew dark and cold.

    Since I didn't know how to make a fire, I couldn't light up the fireplace in my room.

   With a sigh, I flopped onto the bed. The knot in my throat had returned. Here I was, all alone in a cold dark room with no friends nor family to look after me.

    At least I had my cat, Kone, with me. She'd always curl up beside me when I went to sleep and always came to comfort me when I was upset. Now, I had nothing but my blanket and pillow.

    "...I'm hungry."

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