15.5 - Special AU

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    Currently reading Omniscent Reader and choked when I read the pic above ^   

     I'm lowkey surprised a majority of you guys said Hunter because y'all were coming for him in chapter 14. Then again, he does have more interaction with Randall than the other guys.

    And no, Tabius will not get together with Randall.

    Anyway, since like 90% of you guys said Hunter, I decided the 100K read special would be a modern AU where Randall and Hunter are married because why not?

    They may or may not act OOC. I never really imagined either of them in a serious relationship so I'm just going with the flow for this.

    Also, please keep in mind this has nothing to do with the story and it doesn't mean Randall and Hunter will get together in the actual story.


    "Randall where are my keys?!" Hunter yelled from the living room. I didn't glance up from my laptop as I yelled back.

    "They're up on the shelf by the door where you always put them!"

    "Oh yeah, thanks!" I heard the jingle of keys, "I'll be back! If you need anything from the store send me a text!"

    Putting my laptop to the side, I scratched Kone behind the ears as she laid beside me. Ah, the perks of being a freelance writer from home. Get to lay in bed for as long as I want.

    "Mrow," Kone rubbed her head on my head. I glanced at the clock, almost 5pm.

    "Guess it's time for your dinner, huh?" I scooped her up with a hand. I put her down by her little water fountain and got out a can of wet cat food and put it into a small cat dish. Kone dove in like she hadn't eaten for a week. Why do pets always act like you're starving them?

    "Should probably clean a bit before Hunter gets back." The dishes were beginning to pile up and the floor looked like it could use a quick sweep and mopping. Not to mention the rugs in the living room haven't been vacuumed today.

    I cleaned the dishes, swept and mopped the kitchen floor, took out the trash, vacuumed the rugs, tidied up the living room, dusted, and took out the freshly laundered sheets from the dryer.

    "I'm back!" Hunter called as I stuffed in another load of clothes into the washing machine.

    "Welcome back."

    "Wow, I think that's the first time you got up all day." Hunter teased, setting the bags on the table

    "..." I gave him the sideye and pressed the start button. Hunter laughed and hugged me.

    "I'm kidding. I just wish you'd do something with me on my days off work."

    "You weren't complaining while you were cuddling with me for four hours straight." I flicked his forehead. "Did you get chocolate mousse?"

    "I dunno, did I? I mean, it's not like you get it every time one of us goes to the store."

    "Yum," I grabbed the chocolate mousse.

    "How on earth are you not fat from eating all that mousse?"

    "I work out."


    "When you're at work, obviously. I have to be able to hold you up for long periods of time, you know." I smirked. Hunter flushed and smacked my arm.

     "Not all the time!"

     "But 90% of the time."

    "90?! More like 60."

    "Yeah yeah, whatever makes you feel better about yourself." I took a big bite of chocolate mousse. "You and your fragile masculinity."

    "I do not have fragile masculinity!" Hunter huffed. "Keep talking shit and I'll smack that mousse out of your hand."

    "Do that and you die."

    "Kill me and you'll be put in jail and won't be able to eat chocolate mousse for the rest of your life."

     "Not if I get away with it." I shoved a spoonful of mousse in his mouth. "Now shut up and let me enjoy my mousse."

     "Can't believe I've been replaced by chocolate mousse," Hunter grumbled. He took out some vegetables from the fridge and began cooking dinner.

    "You haven't been replaced," I chuckled, "If I had to choose between eating this mousse or you, I'd choose you anyday." I set down the half eaten thing of mousse.

    "Yeah right," he grumbled. His ears and the back of his nape were bright red. He squealed as I bit his left ear. "Stop it!"

    "Why? You wanted my attention so badly before."

    "I'm cooking right now, so I suggest you stop unless you want hot oil on your face."

    I pouted, "chocolate mousse never threatens me."

    "Because it can't talk, dumbass."

    "If you couldn't talk you'd still be more of a pain in the ass then chocolate mousse."

    "Why the hell are we even arguing about this? Go away so I can cook!"

     "Fine, chocolate mousse is always there for me." I mumbled as I resumed eating and hopped on the bed. I put on a youtube video and Kone laid beside me.


    "Hey, dinner's ready!" Hunter yelled from the kitchen. "Stop being a hermit and come eat with me!" With a groan, I got up and stretched out my limbs.

    "Smells good," I complimented and gave him a peck on the cheek. If there's one thing Hunter loves it's me praising his hard work. He's like a puppy in some ways. A puppy that barks a lot.

    We ate in comfortable silence and the only noise came from nearby traffic.

    "You know, it'd be nice to live somewhere rural where it's quieter," I said.

    "It would be nice, but it'd be harder with my job," Hunter sighed. "I'm thinking of quitting."

    "About damn time," I pointed my fork at him, "they've overworked and underpaid you for over two years. I keep telling you to quit that damn job."

    "I can't just quit, Randall. We need the money. Sure you make money from your writing, but it wouldn't support us for long. I have to wait until I get a job somewhere else before I quit."

    "I know that, but I don't like seeing you coming home as a zombie." I picked up the dirty dishes from the table. "You can take a bath while I clean up."

    "Thanks," Hunter kissed me. I cleaned the dishes and wiped the table down with a clean rag. I put on a horror movie and snuggled with Kone. Hunter eventually came out and joined us.

    "Do you think we'll be fine?" Hunter asked.

    "Of course, we'll be fine." I nuzzled my face into the crook of his neck. "You worry too much."

    "And you don't worry enough."

    "Then it's a good thing you worry enough for the both of us." I chuckled. Hunter playfully smacked my arm.

    "...I love you," he said.

    "Love you too."

    This special AU was supposed to be out a long time ago, but lately my computer has been a bitch and the whole network (not the wifi) itself turns off and won't turn back on, so I have to shut down my computer and turn it back on. Hell, if I want the network to stay on for ten minutes without turning off, I have to powerwash the fucker.

That's why I haven't updated recently. I love my computer, but also hate it.

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