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I love Luxiem- especially Ike and Vox.  Video above is a short compilation and below is a hilarious Vox and Ike moment at 1:15.

    To anyone who was disappointed by the lack of romance/ lovey-dovey shit, sorry. Randall and Hunter- especially Randall- aren't really the lovey dovey type and I can see them as a more playful and casual couple than some romantic candle-lit dinner type.

Also, if this book hit 150K, I might make another special where I tell you how each character would be like as your romantic partner/ best friend. Tell me if you want to see that happen. Anyway, this is another filler to buy myself some more time for the next chapter. It's not great, but I hope it sates y'all for a bit.

   A month has passed and I'm officially sixteen. If you're wondering what I did on my birthday- which you're likely not, but I'm gonna tell you anyway- I'll give you a very simplified version of it.

Elliot- acting like he smoked five pounds of pure sugar- came over at the crack ass of dawn and jumped on my bed while screeching at me to "get my prickly ass up". His words, not mine. Then he yanked me out of the room before I could properly button my shirt up.

Of course, the prince bastard turned up later that day with a bag of who-knows-what that's been incinerated by now. Basically, I got dragged around and worn down by that crackpot of a friend.

I'd much rather have a relaxing birthday of reading and alone time, but I guess that's too much to ask from life. Can't have anything nice.

Now that I'm thinking about the past month, I haven't seen Hunter lately. I would wonder about what he's been up to if I cared, but I don't. At all. His absence has been a godsend in these chaotic and tiring times. I know that sounds cruel, but it's true. I didn't need to deal with the awkwardness Hunter has whenever he's around me. He obviously feels bad for his pushiness that one time he stayed over at my place even after I told him I had forgiven him.

Oh, and father has been acting strange around me as well. Tabius too. Because of this strange behavior, Tabius told me to meet him in the library at noon today. Which is in ten minutes. And I'm going to spend those ten minutes talking about everything else that has happened.

Bella is on an involuntary vacation for the next two weeks. Zachary is glued to the bastard prince's side. Tabius- aside from him wanting to talk today- still hates me. Elliot became my best- and only- friend. Just a friend, by the way. I'm serious. He's attractive and fun to be around, but I prefer him as a best friend.

Ezekiel comes more often to mess with Tabius- nothing romantic going on with them, by the way. Ezekiel has a fiancee who he will marry when he turns 18 and Tabius is in the process of choosing his own fiancee. Azul is as he always is, standing to the side and serving the bastard. Still, he's a whole buffet for my eyes to devour... respectfully.

Rakesha trains with me every week. I drop by her house whenever I have time and use her training stuff. She's become something like an aunt to me- a muscular aunt who loves to duel.

Oh, look at that. It's noon already. I should hurry if I want to have functional ears after this. Tabius nagged like a grouchy grandpa. Mike Myers would be proud. All jokes aside, I really should get going.

I jogged most of the way to the library, pausing to open the heavy doors. Tabius paced impatiently at the back of the library. His head snapped up when he heard the doors close. I gave him a grin and walked over to him. With a huff, Tabius sat down and I sat across from him.

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