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    TW: Neglect, foul language, angst

    Father and Tabius came back after a few days. By now, I was noticeably skinnier since I wasn't allowed any food. My ribs were more prominent and my limbs were getting bony. I know it sounds bad, but the changes were subtle.

    "Tabius, what do you want for your birthday?" I listened in on them through my bedroom door.

    "A sword." Their words faded as they walked down the hall. You know what? I just got a good idea! Can't believe I hadn't thought of this sooner. I should go into town and mingle with the commoners. Maybe I'll make some nice friends who I can turn to without worrying about my status as the son of a duke.

    However, it's a bit late for that, so I'll pass time in the library and go tomorrow.


    Wow, there are so many different herbs and plants! I bet there's more variety here than in my original world.

    "Sebastian, could you retrieve my... glasses..." father's voice trailed off. I glanced up from my book, "what are you doing?"

    "Uh... Reading? What does it look like? If your eyesight's that bad you should keep those glasses on your face at all times."

    "Since when could you read?" Father ignored my insult.

    "Since always?" I quirked an eyebrow, why was he so surprised a six year old can read? Isn't that normal? In my past life, my siblings were able to read fluently by the time they were five.

    "...Are you interested in that?" He pointed to the book.

    "Oblviously, I wouldn't be reading it during my free time if I didn't." Can he leave now? Why's he suddenly paying attention to me?

    "You're skinny," no shit sherlock! Of course I am! I've been starved these past few days and my stomach hurts! "Have you been eating?"

    "None of your business, old man. Leave me alone will you?" I snapped, "since when have you cared about me?"

    "..." Father didn't say anything and left. Good.



    "Ow," I rubbed my stomach, "I need to eat some food." But I couldn't. The cooks won't let me in.

    Knock! Knock!

    "...Come in?" Who the heck was here?

    "Duke Howell requests your presence in the dining room for dinner," the maid said. She didn't bow to me like the servants did with Tabius and father.

    "No. Tell him I refuse."

    "You are expected to be there. It's not an option." The maid rudely replied.

    "I don't give a damn. Go tell that bastard to go shove a dick in his mouth."

    "...What?" Oh shit, I fucked up!

    "Leave, I'm not going." The maid left with a blank expression. Ha! The look on her face was priceless!

    ???'s POV

    "Where is he? I told you to go get him!" I scowled at the maid who came back without my son.

    "My sincerest apologies, Duke Howell. He refused to come and..."

    "And what?"

    "...Told me to tell you..."

    "Tell me what?"

    "...To go shove a... d-dick in your mouth."

    "..." I was speechless. When did my son learn such crude language.

    "Pfft! BAHAHAHA HE REALLY SAID THAT?!" Tabius guffawed.

    "Y-Yes," the maid trembled.

    "...I'll be back," I stood up.

    Randall's POV

    "Randall!" Father stormed into my room, "why didn't you come when I told you to?!"

    "Why would I is the better question. You never make sure I'm taken care of. I haven't eaten for a week because the cooks won't let me since YOU treat me like I'm nothing so I have no standing in this house. I have to clean my own room, do my laundry, sneak any food I can, and I get cold at night because I don't know how to make a fire in the fireplace! I'm only six for crying out loud! And then you have the AUDACITY to wonder why I don't want to be around you?!" I sniffed and turned away.


    "If you're going to stand there, then leave me alone."


    "I don't wanna hear any excuses. 'I didn't know,' won't work on me."

    "...I'll make sure food is taken to your room." Father left me in my room alone. I slumped onto the bed and tried to calm my heart. I was afraid he'd punish me for talking to him that way.


    True to his word, a servant came by and dropped off food during mealtime. The meals were hearty and more than enough for my tiny stomach.

    It was troublesome though. Don't get me wrong, I was grateful to have real food and not worry about starving, but now I couldn't sneak out. I'd be found missing at mealtime and father will ask where I was.

    -_- The things I have to deal with.

    Oh well, might as well go out the front door. No point in sneaking around when I'll be found out anyway.

    "Where do you think you're going?" Father stopped me as I was halfway to the front gate of the estate.

    "To town."

    "I should go with you." I looked at father with a surprised/horrified expression.

    "What?! Why?" He froze.

    "Isn't it obvious? Do you not want me to go?"

    "Uh, no. I'll be fine by myself. Alone. Without you." I dropped all sorts of hints for him.

    What I didn't know was that my words hit him hard and made him have an epiphany; he wasn't being a proper father to me.

    (Because hearing your child say they don't want to go out in public with you says more than them telling you they're being bullied and starved by the household servants, obviously)

    It was a tradition for noble kids to go out with their parents at all times. If the kid refused, it meant they didn't see their mom/dad as their parents. Therefore, pretty much disowning their parents.

    And I had no inkling of what I did.

    Even if I knew of this tradition, I still would've said the same thing.

    Here starts the reformation of the asshole I call father.

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