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    I've finished reading a Wattpad BL trilogy from the author . I HIGHLY recommend this series because it's so good and it's one of few books I've read where the characters begin to feel real.

    Just a little warning, this also means that if you get attached to characters like me your heart and soul will be crushed, brought back up, and then crushed again in this series... along with some frustration.

    But seriosly, it's a worthy read and I read it a long time ago, but I recently found it again and now I want to continue writing my unpublished book.

CHECK IT OUT! Here is the list of the trilogy in order:

1. The Dry Lands

2. The Wet Divide

3. The Shadows (This one is the real rollercoaster of emotions)

    Also, I apologize for the wait. I lost my character sheet and still can't find it :').


    This is not fun at all whatsoever.

    Tabius and Ezekiel have been going at each other's throats this past hour. I'm drained from just keeping them apart!

    "Can you two not behave like children?!" I yelled at them after they began quarreling after a meager five minutes of peace. "I have never met two people more immature and petty than you two!"

    "You're the last person I want to hear that from," Tabius snarled.

    "Because it hurts your pride to be scolded by your disappointment of a brother?" I saw Tabius' surprised look, "yeah, I know exactly what you think of me and guess what? I don't care! But if you think I'm just going to deal with your bullshit, you're dead wrong! Get your head out of your ass and get yourself together or you'll lose your spot as the heir because of your incompetence!"

    I shoved a shoved a wooden sword onto Tabius's chest. "Now practice. There's no room for you to be acting all high and mighty with such average skills." There were a few sounds of surprise from the others. Tabius's skills were superior to almost everyone else's, so this was a hefty insult to everyone- myself included.

    "I'm sorry, Master Zeke. I have business to attend to." I stomped out of the training grounds to the changing room. I stripped myself of my training outfit and put on the pants of my school uniform when someone else came in.

    "A-Ah, I'm sorry! I didn't realize someone else was in here!" The male reflexively looked away. Oh shit.

    It's the protagonist! Alright, Randall, make him not want to talk to you.

    "And who are you?" I asked, annoyed.

    "Oh, I'm Hunter," He smiled.

    "Hunter who?" I made my tone sharper.

    "Hunter Poland, son of-"

    "I'm well aware. No need to blabber anything else." I shoved past him. There, that should be enough for him to stay away, right? I hope he isn't one of those overly optimistic protagonists who practically get abused by their peers but still try to befriend them. That'd be extremely annoying.

    "Ah, Randall! Could you help us?" A couple of noble ladies struggled to carry a tall stack of papers. Why on earth were they carrying the papers when their servants right behind them could do it for them?

    Oh, yeah. Trying to get my attention.

    "Sure, where are you going?" I took both stacks from them with ease. God bless these big hands of mine!

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