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More nothingness and pointless stuff. Enjoy :D

 The "guest" turned out to be a messenger. He gave me a small box with a note and hurried out the door. Thank god that was it. The note said:

I'll be back in a week. Hope you haven't caused any trouble. My daughter made something for you.


The temptation to write back to her with some sarcastic response was strong. I chuckled at the note and opened the box. Inside was an herbalism book- one I've been thinking about getting- and...

"Chocolate mousse!" I smiled like an excited child. Mama Belle knows me so well! A fancy spoon came with it, so I immediately opened the container and took a bite. This is the best chocolate mousse I've ever tasted. I got out a piece of paper and scribbled a short letter.

Glad to see you're alive. And tell your daughter she's allowed to come here whenever she wants and I want her recipe. This is the best chocolate mousse I've had.

I didn't bother putting my name at the end. Belle would know I sent it from the Duke's insignia. I called one of the Duke's messengers and gave him the letter with a not-so-subtle threat to get it to Belle by tomorrow.

The chocolate mousse did wonders for my sour mood. What was I even sour about before? Can't remember. Ah, the wonders of chocolate mousse. The bed looks so warm and comfortable now. Might as well call it an early night before anything or anyone tries to ruin my good mood.


"You're finally up. I apologize for scaring you before." A warm hand stroked my hair. WIth a groan, I opened my eyes.

"UWAH?!" I bolted up and scooted to the farthest side of the bed. "What the hell are you doing?!"

"Fu," Harvard grinned, "why are you so surprised?" Wait a second, this isn't my room! Is this another super weird dream?

"What did you mean by before?" I glared, pulling the blanket up to my shoulders. Dream Harvard is even worse than real Harvard!

"The wall incident, obviously," his grin grew wider. "I want to make it clear that I wasn't actually going to do anything further."

"You touched my ass! That's far enough to be molestation!" I yelled back. I pinched myself hard enough to bruise. Ow!

"?" Prince Harvard looked at the red mark in confusion. Why the hell am I not awake yet?! "What are you- stop that!" He grabbed my arm and pried my hand away.

"Let me go! I need to wake up from this nightmare!" I jerked my arm away. To my surprise, Harvard's face became serious- I don't know if the hurt on his face was my imagination or not.

"Please, I want to properly apologize. I went too far."

"..." Dream Harvard is unpredictable and I don't like it one bit! Give me the usual bastard instead of this... thing!

"I'm sorry, I only wanted to tease you."

"By putting me in a wall and molesting me?!" Anger surged up in me. "How on earth is that 'teasing'?! You bastard!" I punched him in the face with all my might. He tumbled backward onto the ground.

"..." Hair covered his face as he held his injured cheek. "You're the only one who would do this."

"Hah?" Does he want another whack? Actually, since this is just a dream, should I kill him instead?

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