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Luckily, Tsukauchi had sent the family home after taking Izukus statement with a plan to meet up around five tomorrow to finish the report.

And still they didn't get back to UA until two in the morning, Izuku draped over Aizawas back while Amajiki and Yamada trudged on in front of them.

Izuku wakes when he's placed on the couch, though his eyes remain closed as he listens to the quiet sounds of his home.

His sister had heard them come in, hearing her jump into Amajikis arms who grunts softly. His dad and papa talk quietly with Nemuri in the kitchen, the stove flicks on, somethings poured and metal clanks against metal.

Even the sound of the heater brings him comfort.

His auntie Nem kisses him on the forehead before returning to her own apartment, the couch sinks beside him as his brother and sister sit.

He was safe and he was home.

Step 3, check.

But what comes next?

A small hand wipes the tears he hadn't realized fell. His eyes open to reveal Eris worried frown, "Izuku-Chan? What's wrong?"

Izuku smiles, sitting up so she can hop in his lap, "Do you remember when LeMillion saved you? When we sat together by the ambulance?"

She nods as Amajiki stands to go into the kitchen, so the boy continues, "I told you a story, about how my dads saved me. There was a really really bad man, who hurt me- and they rescued me, remember?"

"Yeah," she whispers.

His tears still flow down his freckled cheeks. But he doesn't have enough energy to care, "Tonight, I had to see the bad man again. I had to see him so he'll go to jail, so that I will be safe forever."

Because the man will die.

He won't have the ability to hurt him ever again, because Hisashi Midoriya will be dead.

Izuku had thought that arresting him, taking away the man's power would give him some closure, at the very least satisfaction. But it didn't.

Letting him die wouldn't either, he knew that.

"Were you scared?" She wipes a tear with her small thumb. Her big brother was still shaking.

His death wouldn't bring satisfaction or closure, it wasn't as simple as that. It took hard work and support to get through trauma.

But he knew one thing for sure, "Yes. I was terrified."

His fear wouldn't disappear with Hisashis final breath. But without that evil man somewhere in the world, he would feel less afraid. Even if it was only a fraction less, he knew that as long as they stood under the same sky, he would always worry about the man coming after him.

"But that's okay. I can be scared, because I have our family, my friends, my classmates right beside me."

Now Eri has begun to sniffle. She didn't know the details about her brothers abuse, but she didn't have to. Someone she loved deeply was hurt, so she was too, "I'm sorry, I-Izu."

Izuku wraps her in a tight embrace, crying with her he chokes out, "Me too."

"Izuku?" She asks quietly as he shakes, "Am I a bad person?"

"Of course not," she smelled clean. Like Papas body wash, "Why would you think that?"

"Because I want Chisaki to die!" She squeezes her eyes tightly shut against her brothers shoulder, gripping the green hair tightly in her small fists, "And I want your bad man to die."

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