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Aizawa wakes with a start, drenched with sweat, as he eyes open revealing the dark red that filled his iris' when his quirk was activated. He does his best to take deep breaths to calm his racing heart and sits with his back against the bed frame.

He hadn't had a restful sleep in over three weeks. The same nightmare painting a picture in his head every time he tried. God, was he ready for his therapy appointment this week.

He strips off his damp t-shirt and throws it in the corner of the dark room, before turning on his bedside lamp and rubbing his eyes. He grabs his phone from the charger and FaceTimes his husband.

Hizashi narrows his eyes at his phone when it rings. He had just finished the weeks lesson plans and gotten into his pajamas. It's almost two in the morning. The only reason Shota would be calling him, "Hey, Sho," he says gently, smiling as he brings the phone into his bed, "Is everything alright?"

"Yeah, everything's fine... I had the dream again."

They weren't lying when they told their son that they had nightmares too. Both of them had been experiencing these dreams over the last several weeks, "I'm sorry, my love. I wish I was there with you."

Aizawa smiles through the phone. The two both have dark circles under their eyes, though Aizawa had unruly bedhead, unlike his husband who hadn't even fallen asleep yet, "Did you finish your lesson plans?"

Hizashi responds while pulling the blankets over his legs, which makes the camera shift towards the ceiling for a moment, "Yeah, just a few minutes ago. I still don't understand how you're able to do a months worth in a single day."

"I told you, 'Zashi. You need a couple primary goals you want the students to learn, and create smaller steps that build off each other-"

The conversation about lesson plans continues for awhile, until it drifts to other teachers, until that drifts to students, and that drifts to prior students when they're eventually interrupted by their son.

Aizawa looks past the phone at the open door in front of him. Izuku shifts awkwardly from foot to foot before speaking, "I had another dream. Can I stay in here tonight?"

"Sure, come talk to Papa with me."

Yamada smiles at the screen when Izuku comes into frame, leaning his head against Aizawa's shoulder. His eyes are puffy, and it doesn't take a genius to figure out that he's been crying.

Eventually, Yamada hangs up, though he wishes he could be there with his husband and son.

Aizawa gets Izuku to lay down, though he stays sat upright, rubbing the boys back. He keeps the lamp on, knowing Izuku finds the light comforting, "Dad?" Izuku whispers.

"Yeah, kiddo?"

"Thank you for saving me."

Aizawa stops and stares at his kid, concerned, "Izuku?"

"I feel really safe, and really happy. That wouldn't be possible if you hadn't taken me in."

Izuku is turned away from his dad, and is on the verge of sleep. Everything he went through, the guilt from the argument right before he was taken, all the times he had gotten mad about him for being overprotective, how he would whine when his dad told him no. None of that would have been possible without Aizawa. He would have never felt safe enough to do any of those things.

But he was safe, and he was lucky. The things that happened to him, Hisashi, Inko, being homeless, well they all sucked major ass.

But he always had Dad. He had Papa too, and loved him with his entire being, but it was Aizawa who started it all.

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