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A/N: Welcome all!! If you're new, this is a continuation of the first TodoDeku story I wrote (You're Like Me). I highly recommend reading that one first, but if you'd like you can read this as a stand alone :) I don't include a lot of author's notes usually so here's my request that if you like the story to please vote or comment! Well, I'll let ya'll get to it then!

Izuku was so tired of pretending to be okay with the move to the UA dorms.

All day he had forced a smile, helping bring boxes to both his parents cars and into the new building. He had spent all day moving his and his dads stuff into Heights Alliance before the movers finally arrived with the bunk beds Aizawa and Yamada had purchased for their separate apartments spare rooms. He was sent up to his dorm room where he was supposed to be unpacking, but he found himself just laying on his bean bag hugging a pillow.

He knew it wasn't his parents fault, and he didn't want to make them feel bad. But holy shit he fucking hated it.

He tries to call his boyfriend but was sent to voicemail and he sighs. Of course the other boy was busy packing for his move in the next day.

He knows he should get up and set up the tv, or at the very least grab his computer and try to distract himself, but he's too lazy to do anything.

He throws his phone to the side and stares at the wall until he finds himself falling asleep.

He wakes up at a knock on his door, but the visitor doesn't wait for a response to enter, "Izuku, your dads wanna know what kind of pizza you want."

Amajiki notices the boys puffy eyes and shuts the door, "Hey, are you alright?"

Izuku sniffles, staring at the window. The sun was beginning to set, "Yeah, I'm fine."

Amajiki stands with his hands in the front pocket of his sweatshirt and looks around the room, "Weren't you supposed to unpack?"

Izuku turns and glares at the boy as he sits on the bare mattress. Okay, so at least the boy wasn't having a panic attack, "What's wrong?"


Amajiki raises an eyebrow, "Doesn't look, look like nothing."

The boys eyes fill with tears again, causing alarm bells to fill the third years head, "It's just not fair..."

"What's not fair?"

Izuku shifts his body towards his brother, now staring straight into the empty room, "I wanna go home."

Amajikis phone buzzes and he quickly puts it on silence, "I thought you were excited about the dorms?"

"I lied." The boy says with a scowl. Izukus pouting was very cute, though Hizashi had made sure to tell Amajiki to not encourage it.

Before he has a chance to respond Izuku continues, "I just... it's not fair! I just went through a really bad experience, and all I wanna do is be at home with you and dads, not get adjusted to a completely new place."

Amajiki nods slowly. He probably understood best what his foster brother was going through, "It's your home. You feel safe there." Izuku nods, "Why did you act excited?"

"I didn't wanna make Dad or Papa feel bad."

They continue the conversation, and eventually Izuku stops crying, just letting out his fear and frustrations, "We'll never be able to have family dinners and I'll hardly ever see you and Papa! I might get annoyed sometimes about things like that but it doesn't mean I want it to completely stop!"

Amajiki smiles, "It won't. You know Yamada and Aizawa, they're very, very clingy. I'm sure they'll go over a schedule at dinner."

Izuku looks down at his hands, "I don't want things to change... especially not as big as this, especially right now."

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