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Izuku lets his boyfriend lead him up the stairs onto the roof. With blankets in hand, they go to the protective fence, "Todays been amazing, Shoto. Thank you."

Todoroki grins, sitting down. Izuku joins him, the both of them laying down to look at the stars, "No need to thank me."

"No, I do." Izuku gulps. The last time they'd seen the stars together was before he was kidnapped, "Youre really amazing."

"You're the one who amazes me," he whispers, pulling him closer, "They were brighter at the training camp."


"The stars."

To be fair, he was so focused on Shoto that he hadn't payed any notice to them yet, "Right." He does his best to ignore his racing heart, "Can you tell me another story about them?"

Izuku appreciates his warmth on the chilly night. He can sense his boyfriend looking and thinking. Izuku grabs his hand when he points out one of the constellations, "That right there is Perseus."

He was hoping to find a more romantic story, but it was the only one he could find at the moment. He couldn't keep the other boy waiting too long, "He was an illegitimate child of Zeus, banished to an island when he was young. He set out to kill Medusa and succeeded."

The boy had stopped looking at the stars, instead turning his head to watch his beautiful Shoto speak, "On his way home, he rescued a woman from a dangerous sea monster and took her as his princess. He then returned to his home country and took over the throne, ruling the land in honor of his mother."

He finds another, but when he goes to point it out he sees Izuku staring back at him. The boy gives him a tired smile, "Shoto?"


"I'd like you to kiss me."

The kiss is soft and tender as the two shift. Slowly, Izuku pushes himself up, crawling between the boys legs and pushing him against the the fence.

Izuku keeps his hands on his chest, allowing him to hold his hair in a tight grip. For over a minute, they completely devour each other, before pulling away, both giggling as they catch their breath.

"'Shoto," Izuku whispers tiredly, "I want you to know that..."

He wraps his arms around him into a hug. He doesn't know why, just that he wanted to be close, "Sho, I love you."

Todoroki catches him, holding him so tightly, no one could ever tear them apart, "I love you too, Izuku. So much it hurts."

Izuku smiles. He felt like he was floating in a sea of velvet comfort. He could be completely enveloped in this moment and he still couldn't be any happier.

With his knees on either side of him, he pulls away to meet him, pressing their foreheads together, "And I'm... I'm ready. I want you to know that I'm ready."

He brushes a green hair from the boys eyes, "Okay."


Todoroki smiles, pressing his lips against his for a short kiss, "Thank you for telling me. But not here or now. You deserve something special."

"That's fine," Izuku holds the boys cheek, swiping his thumb against the scar, "But don't worry. As long as it's with you, I know it'll be perfect."

The way his emerald eyes shine takes his breath away. Still, he whispers, "You're amazing."

"You're beautiful."

"You're stunning, and smart, and brave."

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