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When the bell rings for lunch, both Kirishima and Izuku are out the door in three seconds- Aizawa doesn't even have time to yell at them for running. The two were beginning their work studies in Hosu. It was Izuku's first day as a practicing hero.

Aizawa didn't know if he was more proud or scared.

Both boys carry their suits in their bags as they wait at the front gate for their upperclassmen, bouncing up and down with both excitement and nerves. The two third years approach and the four make their way to the train station, Mirio and Kirishima talking excitedly while Amajiki relays messages to Izuku.

"You have your location on?"

He rolls his eyes, "Yes, I already texted dads."

They had spent a long family meeting discussing work study. The two men felt better about letting their son participate since he got his provisional license. Legally, he was able to protect himself now. But they were still nervous about Hisashi and the League of Villains and with good reason.

But they were his teachers, not just his parents.

So, Izuku had promised to keep his location on when he was doing work study, receiving a promise in return from his dads that they would only check when he was traveling to and from work study. It was important that they didn't invade his privacy, but they hated the idea of him possibly getting home without Mirio or someone else with him. So they got Life360.

The boys separate into their respective pairs when they reach the station, both going in different directions. Mirio gives his boyfriend a knowing look, Izuku will be fine. Amajiki just rolls his eyes.

The conversation between Mirio and Izuku is easy as always, though the longer they're on the train the more anxious Izuku becomes, "You're gonna be fine, kid. Sir wouldn't have taken you on if he didn't think you had potential."

"Yeah but-"

"No buts. You're a good kid, and you're gonna be a good hero. Sir can see that. And if you're worried about the League or Hisashi-" The blonde points his thumbs towards himself, "You'll have me, Sir, or a sidekick by your side at all times! This is going to be fun, I promise."

Well, maybe he shouldn't have promised fun.

Izuku would spend the next five hours with BubbleGirl, going over paperwork. They spent the entire time sorting through insurance claims and liability stuff, putting them into two piles- important and trash.

The paperwork itself might have been boring, but Izuku knew that it was useful. While Sir and Mirio were out patrolling, Izuku and BubbleGirl worked behind the scenes, notifying the heroes of any police calls or tips they recieved.

In all honesty, he was hoping for a bit more action, though he was still exhausted by the end of his shift from all the new information.

He texted his dads that him and Mirio were heading to the train station, though they would likely have to wait half an hour for the next one.



Rei grins and turns towards her youngest son who stands awkwardly in the doorway, "Hey yourself, kiddo," she responds gently.

Despite his mom having stayed there for literal years, it was still almost empty. There was a blanket on the bed, but other than an old picture of the family on the wall, it was bare. Rei closes her book, dog-earing the page to give her son her full attention, "You haven't visited much since moving to the dorms, how is that going?"

"It's alright. I like being closer to my friends."

Rei can't help the tears that form in the corner of her eyes. She was so scared her son would never have close relationships with people, "I like that for you too. Now, tell me about your friends."

Shoto blushes, and carefully sits on the edge of her bed so he doesn't mess it up, "Well, there's Yaoyorozu, she's doing well. Her girlfriend is also in my class and she's nice. They seem pretty happy together."

Rei listens as her son talks about his classmates and as he's describing the Ida boy's situation she's hit with yet another wave a gratitude. Fuyumi had been visiting her weekly since she was first allowed visitors, and she dragged Natsuo with her a couple of those times when he got older. She had never expected the son she hurt to visit her, or want any kind of relationship- but here he was.

The last time Natsuo visited, he told her he wasn't coming back. He was alone that time, only two days after Shoto's last visit. She couldn't blame him, of course, she couldn't blame any of her children if they refused to forgive her. Natsuo was the one who had to stop her from hurting Shoto during the incident and just twelve year old Fuyumi had to comfort her youngest brother while she watched Rei and Natsuo with horror.

She hurt her children.

And she left them in a loveless house.

Enji wouldn't let her see Shoto at first. Though she refused to see any of her children until a year after the incident, he didn't trust her with their youngest boy. The first time seeing Fuyumi, she could barely meet her eyes. They both cried as her daughter explained how cold their house was without her and Touya, how alone she was, how alone Shoto was.

"Mom?" Shoto had asked when he first visited. She had given him a hug. He hadn't returned it, "Why didn't you come home?"

Enji had stood against the wall, his eyes on the floor. He'd asked the same question after they began repairing their relationship. It was the same answer, "I didn't want to hurt you again."

"Mom?" Shoto asks, snapping her back to reality.

Rei blinks and smiles at her son, "I'm sorry, what is it Sho?"

"There's going to be a festival for families in a month or so. You could meet everybody..."

The young Todoroki doesn't miss how she stiffens and looks down in shame, "I don't know. I'll need to talk to your father."

"But you can leave whenever you want. That's what you said."


"Look, I'm not asking you to come home, alright? I don't understand, but you're not ready yet. I just want you to meet my friends and Izuku. Please."

She hardly ever left the hospital, she never left the facility to Todoroki's knowledge. He wanted to show her that there's nothing to be scared, that he doesn't blame her anymore. The longer she spent in the facility, the more guilt she would have about not being apart of his life. She just needed to rip the Band-Aid off and actually try.

Rei can hear the desperation in her sons voice, "Alright."

Shoto nods and stands, "Dads waiting for me outside, I'll tell him you're coming."

"It was nice to see you."

"You too, Mom."

Shoto takes the front seat, his dad nervously glancing over towards him. He informs the man about the festival and that he'll secure a ticket for Rei.

Enji smiles softly and nods before driving away from the hospital.

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