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"MIRIO!" Izuku shouts as he watches the boy protect the little girl as NightEye and Eraserhead distract Chisaki and his goon.

The boy has a head wound, and can barely stand so Izuku launches himself over a fallen ledge to meet him and the girl. The child looks up at him with tears in her eyes, but Mirio coughs, "Izuku, take her through the tunnels! I won't be able to keep up."

The boy lets the girl climb onto his back, "LeMillion, I can't leave-"

"GO! Now, Deku!" He yells desperately at his underclassmen.

He has to trust him. The blonde was the top of his class. The boy was counting on him to get Eri out.

So Aizawa covers his son from a distance as he sprints back the way they came. The cape is still wrapped around her body, torn remnants flowing behind them.

The first year gets about 100 yards away when he remembers something. If Chisaki couldn't see her, would he say something to get her to come back to him? Is it worth the risk of pausing too soon?

He shakes his head, he can't think to much about it. He slows down, the girls tears leaving puddles on his costume, "Eri," he reaches into his tool belt, searching for the familiar item, "I need you to put these in your ears."

He reaches behind him, now at a speed walk trying to balance the girls weight. He feels her grab the ear plugs, "These are special okay? They can block out all the scary stuff. All you have to do is put these in your ears and close your eyes. I'll take care of the rest, I promise."

The girl can't see the hero's face, but she thinks that maybe he might be scared too, "Okay," she whispers quietly, putting them in her small ears, "They're in." Though she says the words out loud, all she can feel is the vibrations in her chest when she speaks.

Izuku pats her head, and Eri keeps a tight hold around him, taking that as her cue to hide her face in the boys back.

Not a minute goes by before Izuku hears the villain shout, the sound traveling all through the tunnels, "Eri! You've been a bad girl, and now all of these heroes are going to be hurt because of it! Because of you!"

Izuku feels sick. If he could, he'd go stomp that mans face in. Thank god for the protective ear plugs he'd been given during his internship with his dads. Those things could at least muffle Present Mics 150 decibel screams. Chisaki was nowhere near that loud.

A large crash come from behind him, and he manages to somehow pick up the pace. The structural integrity might have been compromised with that mans quirk. He has to get himself and Eri out before it comes crashing down!

The tunnels are much easier to navigate when the floor and walls were still. He says his thanks to whoever's above that the dead ends have been cleared, so he's able to keep his pace.

His lungs burn, and soon adrenaline is the only thing keeping him on his feet. He's finally made it to the top floor where thirty or so police officers are conducting their search when the ground shakes.

Paintings fall from the walls, a bookshelf tips over, and glass shatters. But the worst was the eerie silence that followed it.

This wasn't an attack. Something must have happened down below.

He sees Tsukauchi watching an ambulance leave. Having nowhere else to turn he shouts at him from the door way, "Detective! My dad- Eraser! He's still down there!"

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