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Kirishima frowns at his phone, quickly excusing himself to take the call.

Bakugo narrows his eyes, but doesn't make a move to follow. He barely hears his boyfriend say, "What's up?" Before he's out of range.

"We need you to come home this weekend."

Kirishima leans against the wall, nervously fiddling with his hoodie. He hadn't heard from his father in weeks, "Is everything alright? Is grandma okay?"

The man sighs on his end, "Everything's fine. We'll need you home by Friday at four."

Kirishima tries to respond, but when he looks to the device he sees the man's already hung up. He goes back to the study area, almost running into the table as he reads his dad texts him that he'll be busy with them until Sunday night.

"Everything okay?" Deku asks when his friend sits down.

"I think so? My dad just told me that I'm staying the weekend with them, I guess."

The blonde shakes his head, "You have work study this weekend."

He shakes off the boys mistrust, just the slightest bit of excitement leaking through his voice, "He said 'we'. That means my mom wants me there to, so I'll just have to reschedule with Fat."

Kirishima takes his phone out to message his mentor, missing the glance Deku and Bakugo share. Deku takes the hint, closing his textbook, "Shoto-kun, lets go upstairs."

Todoroki looks confused, "I'm not finished though?"

Deku plants a kiss on his lips, "Let's go to your room," he teases.

When the two are alone, Bakugo wastes no time in voicing his concern, "I don't want you to go."

He tries to give the boy a reassuring smile, "I'll be fine, Katsuki. Maybe my moms gotten over it."

A little piece of Bakugo's heart chips. His boyfriend always tried to see the good in people, and it was because of this trait that got them together in the first place. But the blonde had a bad feeling, "Kiri, I don't want you to get hurt."

Kirishima grabs his hand, brushing some of the boys hair from his face, "I'm not scared. Besides, I've got more chance of getting hurt on patrol than at home."

They begin to pack up their things. Despite his better judgement, Bakugo asks, "If they hit you, you have to fight back."

Kirishima sets his jaw, the conversation becoming annoying, "Baku-"

"You have to defend yourself."

"Why can't you just be happy for me?!"

Kirishima regrets raising his voice as the room falls deathly quiet, a few of their classmates pausing to look over at them. Bakugo takes his hand and drags him up the stairs, "Look, I'm sorry," Kirishima stammers.

The blonde slams his door shut, glaring at his boyfriend before closing his eyes and sitting on the bed, "You can get mad at me," he tries his best to speak gently, "I don't care if you yell."

He had to be careful. Kirishima wasn't overly sensitive, but whenever he got upset he'd try to apologize, as if one little fight would change Bakugo's feelings towards him. 

The reassurance helps. He sits beside the boy, resting his head on his shoulder, "I don't want you to worry about me, I don't need that. I just need a little faith," Kirishima says quietly.

Bakugo wraps his arms around his shoulder, running his hand through his hair, "I have faith in you. I know you can take care of yourself on patrol, at school, with friends, with me," he pauses, "But I- if they hurt you, you won't fight back. What happens if they beat you so bad you can't run?"

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