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"Put your mask on," Mirio says for the hundredth time during patrol, grabbing ahold of the hood and pulling it over Izuku's head.

The first year whines, but adjusts it over his eyes. It's the final couple of hours after a long day of patrol. The two were able to help with a minor mugging but other than that it had been pretty quiet. Still, Mirio was insistent on Izuku keeping the mask on, all it took was one picture from a civilian to reveal the boy's identity to the world, and Hisashi as well.

"It's itchy." Izuku grumbles, kicking a rock in front of him.

"Talk to Hatsume about it."

Both of their attention is drawn towards the alley they were walking by, specifically the sound of small footsteps running towards them.

The little girl is looking behind her and doesn't see the two boys, and Mirio hardly has a second to brace himself before the child runs straight into him.

"Hey, hey," the little girls eyes are full of tears and coils backwards at the blondes attempt to touch her. Izukus eyes widen when he sees the bandages wrapping around all four limbs, "Hey, kiddo. It's okay-"

"You need to be more careful." 

The boys look up to see a man walking towards them. The girl is shaking, and Izuku's eyes widen when he recognizes the man. Chisaki. The man they weren't supposed to engage.

"We don't want to cause trouble for the heroes. You'll have to forgive us, my daughter here can be so clumsy."

Izuku stands cautiously, not even sparing a glance to his upperclassmen. Mirio stands tensely and laughs, "Of course, it's no problem! We should have been watching where we were going." He takes a step closer to the younger boy, "You must be a member of the Hassaikai! That mask is totally cool!

Though his heart sounds like a hammer in his own chest, the words come out easier than expected. The blonde knew better than to let this encounter blow up into something he can't take back, "Yes, it filters out the filth in the air. I haven't seen you two around before."

The mans guard is up, and Mirio has a feeling that if Izuku speaks he'd give the two away entirely, "Well, we're still pretty new, you see! But we're going to be great heroes someday!"

His false confidence brings Izuku out of his shock, and he looks at the girl again as her father continues, his voice hardening, "What agency do you two work for?"

"Well, we're just students!" Mirio responds with a bold smile, slightly nudging the other boy, "We're only using our internships to get some experience before we graduate." He explains smoothly, making a point to not mention Sir Nighteye's name, "Which reminds me, our mentors expecting us back soon, so we need to get going! Right, Deku?"

"Ah, right!" He turns to follow his friend, but before he can take a step he feels a sharp tug on his costume, and he looks down to see the girls eyes full of tears.

He knows that look all too well. It had been plastered all over his own face not so long ago. She was utterly terrified, "Please. Please don't go!" She begs quietly, her voice breaking at the end of her sentence.

It's loud enough for Mirio to hear, and his heart breaks. This was not the time, but he's unable to come up with something for their hesitation before Izuku speaks, "I'm-I'm sorry, sir. But your daughter seems scared."

The mans eyes narrow, "She's just been scolded, that's all."

"Right," Mirio tries to laugh it off. If he could, he'd grab ahold of the other boys costume and drag him away from the alley.

"But she's got bandages all over," he whisper, just loud enough for the father to here, "These are all from being clumsy?"

God dammit, Izuku! Not here, not now! Mirio thinks to himself, unable to stop the glare he gives the boy.

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