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"Tama-chan is going to Syria!"

Eri's words pulse in Mirio's head as he storms over to the third year dorms. He tries to call him, but is sent to voicemail. He'd barely slept in his room anymore, going between doctors, quirk specialists, healing heroes, and of course babysitting the little girl in any spare time he had.

And he knew for a fact his boyfriend hadn't ever mentioned not going to university.

Mirio doesn't knock, shoving the door open so hard it bangs when it makes contact with the wall. Amajiki sits at his desk, noise-cancelling headphones blasting music at an ungodly volume. He jumps when his headphones are taken off, whipping around to see boyfriend.

Instinctively his body sags with relief, but it's only a moment before he recognizes the angry posture and scowl, "Wh-what's up?"

"Your sister told me you're going to Syria?!"

That's it? He comes barging into his room just for that? Still, Amajiki stutters nervously, "Yeah? Wh-what about it-it?"

Mirios so angry he doesn't even care about the stutter, "You said you were going to college- that was the whole plan! And I have to hear about this huge decision from fucking Eri? What the hell Tamaki!"

Amajiki narrows his eyes, pushing his chair back to stand, "I d-don't have to clear any-anything by you."

The blonde scoffs, taking a step closer so they're only a breath away, "You're my fucking boyfriend! I should at least be a part of the conversation!"

He pushes against his chest, but the boy doesn't budge, "Really?! You- you haven't been a-a-acting like my b-boyfriend!" He spits out the words, pissed that his stupid voice had to repeat itself.

"No! You don't get to just turn this around on me when you're the one being inconsiderate!"

Amajikis lip trembles as he takes a deep breath. He needed to calm down, speak clearly, "And how am I-I supposed to tell y-you about these things when you d-don't pick up your damn phone!"

Finally, Mirio steps back. His heart lurches when he sees tears fill his boyfriends eyes. Amajiki only stuttered when he was nervous or... "Are you, are you afraid of me?" He gulps.

"W-when you come in," He closes his eyes, turning towards the bed. Slow down, "When you come in sc-screaming at me? Yes."

He clenches his fist, glaring at the ground. He may be pissed, but the last thing he wanted to do was make the boy he loved scared, "Why didn't you tell me, Tamaki?" He says quietly.

He sits, looking at the ceiling. It's not like he didn't tell him on purpose, "Things have been really shitty lately. For me, for you. Us."

Mirio grits his teeth, "We agreed that we would take some space- not that we would break up."

Amajiki can't look at him. The boy he fell in love with was kind, and gentle. And he knows that boy is standing in front of him, but he's clouded with doubt and anger, "I know that."

The blonde bites his lip, sitting beside him, their knees just touching. He waits for him to continue. If he just gave him time he'd explain. And he does.

"You don't know where your life is going, and I don't know where mine is going either. But we were supposed to figure it out together- and you left."

"So, is this payback then?" Despite the mean words, his tone is soft, "I left you so you're leaving me."

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