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After cleaning up their cookie mess, Nejire heads back to the third year dorms. Izuku promises Shinso that he would join him in Kaminaris room to keep the purple-haired boy company while Kaminari and Kirishima played Call of Duty.

Aizawa raises his eyebrows at his son who grins at him, "Soooo, how was your day?" He asks sweetly.

The man narrows his eyes at his sons attempt to sound inconspicuous, "It was fine. What did you do?"

Izuku blushes, pulling out the pair of pants he'd worn earlier when he was training with Nejire. Aizawa rubs his temples and takes the pants.

Izuku sits sprawled on the couch as his dad fetches the sewing kit, "These are brand new, Izuku. We told you, you need to wear your old ones when training."

"Yeah, yeah, I know. Can we fix them?"

His dad raises his eyebrows, "Consider these as the newest addition to your training clothes."

Izuku groans, which makes Aizawa chuckle, "How many is that now that are patched?"

The boy looks at the ground, trying to hide his smile. His dad didn't laugh very often, but when he did- it was so hard not to laugh with him, "...eleven..."

"And how many do you have with no stains or rips?"

Izuku looks up at his dad, "... five..."

"Mmmm," it doesn't take more than half a second for the man to give his son a soft smile, "Alright. Get over here, and try to pay attention this time. You at least need to know the basics."

Izuku slides over on the couch, laying his head against the mans shoulder. The truth was he could probably do a decent job fixing his clothes himself. But he really likes to hear Aizawa teach him and tell stories about his grandma.

The man hardly ever mentioned his family. Izuku had asked before after he was adopted, but the conversation had veered off track when his Papa got to talking about his sister.

The only person Aizawa ever talked about was his grandmother. Her name was Riku Aizawa and his dad talked about her like she was the coolest person on Earth.

He would go over to her house every week, and the two would stay up until the early hours of the morning playing board games and watching movies.

She introduced him to coffee, which he found much more enjoyable then tea. She would always have a cup at nine at night, "Now, I'm old baby, I gotta certain number of hours left, so I can sleep when I'm dead," she would say and place a kiss on his dads forehead leaving lipstick marks (no matter how old he got), "But you baby boy, you gotta lotta life left to live, so you need as much sleep as you can get." Izuku always rolled his eyes when Aizawa used that as an excuse to get him to bed when he was younger.

They would watch movies of heroes together, and bought Aizawa as many action figures as he wanted and would play with them together. When he got older she taught him about flowers and bugs. He later learned she was a biologist before she retired, so he was able to able to learn a lot about science as a kid.

But his favorite stories were about how she taught his dad how to sew. He could only imagine his dad getting scolded by a little old lady for tearing up his uniform. They made a quilt together, though you can definitely tell the parts where Aizawa did the sewing. It's usually the first blanket they pull out of the evergrowing blanket chest in their living room at home.

"Hey Dad?" Izuku asks after a moment of quiet.

"What is it?"

"What are my grandparents like?" Aizawa turns to his son who's looking down at the floor, "Like... your parents? They're my grandparents right?"

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