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Aizawa can hear his husband play a song on his phone before he walks in the door, placing the device and keys on the side table.

He raises his eyebrows as the blonde takes out his hair, "What are you doing?" He asks, placing his computer on the coffee table.

Hizashi gives him a sly smile as he walks behind the couch, grabbing his husbands face to kiss him, "Mmm," Hizashi pulls away, removing his jacket, "Just giving the love of my life a lap dance for his birthday."

This makes Shota laugh. The sound was rare, but it was as special as music was to Hizashi. He comes back around, his husbands hands finding their way on the blondes hips as he circles his ass above his lap.

Done with the teasing, Aizawa says, "While I adore this view, I'd much prefer to kiss your face," he pulls down so the man lands on top of him, grabbing the mans jaw.

When the two finally break apart, he asks quietly, "Is this your way of telling me you'll be working on my actual birthday?"

Hizashi bites his lip, turning to wrap his legs around the man, "I'm sorry, my love."

"It's okay," he sighs, pressing his face into his soft shirt, "I get it."

The blonde holds the mans head, fingers lacing into his soft hair as he places a kiss, "If it didn't pay so well I would turn it down," he admits quietly.

"Don't feel bad," he forces a smile, placing his hands on the mans chest to push him away just enough to meet his eyes, "How much?"

"5 grand."

His eyes light up, "If you keep finding jobs like that, we'll be able to pay off the house within two years! If we factor in the Christmas bonus and tax returns-"

Hizashi cuts him off with another kiss, "No, none of that. Finances are a major turn off."

Shota narrows his eyes, " 'Zashi, Eri's in her room."

"Yeah, taking a nap."

"Tamaki and Izuku will be back to go to the walk through in half an hour," he tries to reason.

His husband only chuckles, "You think we can't get this done in thirty minutes?"

He laughs again, shoving the man hard enough to get him off his lap, but light enough to still be playful, "We can't."

The blonde just pouts, but it's hard to keep a straight face as he whines, "Come on, it's your birthday present!"

Aizawa shakes his head, but he stands anyway. He holds out his hand, "I'm going to check on Eri. You meet me in the bedroom."

"Yes!" He celebrates, hopping to his feet and running down the hall. He stops short of the bedroom before whisper shouting at his husband, "If you wake her up I will end you!"

He waits until their bedroom door slams close before cracking open the girls room. He only opens it wide enough for him to see with one eye that the girl was snoring quietly. The man shuts the door gently, holding the doorknob to keep the click silent.

Shota is already pulling his shirt over his head before he even enters his room to see his husband waiting for him in his underwear on their bed.

The two don't even get ten minutes in to their alone time before they hear the front door open followed by their son shouting, "Dads?! Are you guys here?"

Hizashi just smashes his face into the pillow, "Of fucking course they would," his curses muffled.

Shota shoots up, dragging the man off the bed and shoving him into their half bath, "Yeah bud! Just give us a minute!"

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